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How to be a Religous person without a Religion

Big salam to all…
Above title is something really makes me to pen down even though its Saturday night…and that is “soda” night mike.. 😛

Well lets go to the topic…I have met up with this interesting person whom actually Im reporting to him in my organization. Anyway he had resigned yesterday for a simple reason.. HE WANTS FREEDOM AND NOT GOING TO WORK FOR 1 YEAR!…

This guy is down to earth but yet no nonsense guy when comes to perfection in each and every task taken place.
Recently, we have opened up a topic about spirituality and religion.
My first question to him was what religion he is and he answered I dont have religion and I dont follow one.
After some confrontation with him..I’ve give my thought about it here.

As a well earned person with steady income and not married till now..he is leading a life as it comes his way….but what was make me to look at his stand his the reason he gave me why leading a life without a religion.

Every religion got its own principal on how to carry on it with full of devotion. In fact there is no religion without morality aspect. Hence, for a person to follow a religion PERFECTLY he must obey the basic criteria by saying BIG NO NO to do not drink alcohol,smoke any cigarette, fuck women, betrayal etc etc..
Ethu ellam sathiammaaa?? ( damn it how possible it is??? )

Is it possible to perfectly practise the teachings in this modernized world which is full of sin and betrayal? 🙂
We should ask ourself. Example those ventured in business, they have to practise petty lies to customer in order to gain profit. It same goes to others even in the daily life we lead.

Real example is take his own situation. He been approached by a monk asking him to become a devoted Buddhist. This took place because this guy spent his leisure time with helping orphanage kid in homes and take part in some charity occasions. Further to add on, even though by his career portfolio, he is an regional manager for a well known organization, he never fails to go orphanage home nearby his house for housekeeping and when I say housekeeping its including washing bathrooms and sweeping!

This is what makes me to think deeply where do I stand and what is my contribution towards people whom really plenty of them needy out there.
Guys….how many of us practise this kinda life in this living world? 🙂

The part is, when he been confronted by the monk he challenge the monk asking how many of us practising as real Buddhist? What he meant is majority of us guys do drink alcohol and smoke cigarette. That is already prohibited in religion. So dont that sounds cheating yourself and the religion you practised when you claim yourself as a Buddhist?
This was his exact answer to the monk and the monk didnt anything and move out from there with great respect for this man.

Namba ellam enna seirum ippo? We claim ourself as Indian and practised Hinduism. We been taught how deep Hinduism is but yet we do alot of things againts the religion itself.
Ironically its all depends how we take this to our mind and give it a good thought for it.

Of course I didnt encourage anyone to lead life without religion or dont practise or follow any one of it.
The things is… when we say religion, its really pure and need deep devotion to practised it.

So if you think you’re doing the right thing….then go ahead with it..or else if you are not fully follow the rules as the religion should be practised…then dont cheat yourself and claim you are a Hindu, Muslim,Buddhist or Christian.

You know why????? because end of the day all the religion carries and need high morality and integrity to adopt one or to practise it with full devotion.

Im not a great religion follower also because Im just another asshole who still claim as Hindu but do all the sins together…


Spiritualism…The way Im looking at..

SPRITUALISM…A topic that probably big as sea..or small as a drop of water…
Well here I would like to share my point of view about it because Im still searching on it and follow on the right path…

First of all…in this planet we have lots of religion and believes and each of it is jusytifying on its on way for the believers.
Now come to basics, we as normal human being, whom born in this world without any single desire growing by time to time with feeding of desires by parents..I mean we been taught of good moral life, feed our self, dressing to hide our “manam” and become a well respected in life by others meaning get good education and job to survive, earning as much as you can monetary wise. Not to forget to pray to whom and what religion need to followed.
Well, from all above, we will lead our life as what we are today..rushing for healthy n happy life..wealthy life too till our last day comes.
My question is, are we here doing and leading a correct way of LIFE? Is that what the reason we are here? Do all the humans in this world got true respect towards each humans born in this world? With only 30% consist of earthly life..humans all fighting for their religion, fight for their family and try to say their GOD are the best. After all at the end will die and dont even not bothered to know what is real life living about.

Now, this is in my mind says when we born, yes we will be feed with all needs as perfect human being as been said above.However, when you grow older and have own mind start to think independantly, I believe we can judge already on what is the REAL thing we need to do as HUMAN IN THIS PLANET WHILE LIVING A SO CALLED LIFE.

– DESIRE FOR YOUR OWN MORAL VALUES NOT MATERIALISTIC DESIRE…means try to make other happy whoever linked with you or came across in your life. Grow basic values that dying in human within you, MORAL,LOVE,CARE,HELPING HAND,FEED THE NEEDS,ADOPT AN ORPHAN CHILD AT LEAST 1 CHILD EVEN you capable to have 10 childs with your spouse regardless any race or religion.

Personally Im wondering is it a MUST to go Temple only and not to Mosque or Tokong? I dont know honestly..I believe its an option because going to mentioned divine power places not vital as the divinity value is actually always within us.
Your athma “manasatchi” is doing wonders and the character of GOD is actually within you. Below are the few example things we do in our daily life and that also NATURALLY without any GURUJI OR GODMAN instruction.
1.When you walk around,you came across a broken glass on the road..and you will take n throw it away from walking path rite?
2. When you see beggar is begging for money,you in sudden will fork out money and put on his tray..
3. When someone ask for donation for their child sickness thru emails or advertisement in news or paper,you too will fork out some money and donate..even if you dont donate, atleast a kind of natural feel sorry or sad to hear this news and you wish to help kinda feelings will arise rite?…

THIS IS WHAT I CALLED GOD’S NATURE WITHIN US. 🙂 I honestly dunno its rite or wrong Im saying this but this is what my personnal feel about it..
What I mean is you can pray as been taught to you in life and pray to whom you want,explore it, love it all the times and cherish the value in it being a Hindu,Muslim or Christian but the most important thing is do seek and feel another religion within yourself since you’re in your mom womb itself..That is HUMANISM VALUE. 🙂
A humanitarian value is also a religion that lies within all human in this world which is lacking day by day and lead this world to end of it.
Yes!! If this value been realised by all living being in this planet, I think there wont be anyone will be hungry for food, no one will be so called orphans, no revenge,no fight, no wars… and can add more NOOOOSSS on negative values.

The real spiritualism that I feel we all need to realise and devoted is first of all humanitarian kinda value. If this fundamental value is implimented within us no matter when it happens or we realise it..I believe all above mentioned wrond doings will vanish one fine day.. After all our living days been granted in this world hardly never cross more than 100 YEARS..if yes also not many yaa..
Well within this bloody short term all going towards fighting for their RELIGION,CONTRY,FAMILY, AND EVEN FOR THEMSELF.
Sometimes, I do wonder how selfish is HUMAN can be including me as well 🙂 ??!…..

I dont want to elaborate more on this things..
I just can hope all of us do think about this and be more fair to all humans in everything we do..and..

As I my title says..the way Im looking at SPIRITUALISM is not only about talking and going into ones religion deeply…but self awareness of this basic fundamental values starts from all the great end of Spiritually Realization that the world is talking about nowdays 🙂

I bow down to earth and say sorry to anyone I would have hurt…but still stand ahead on the way we should look at the world people moves on their own agendas..

Above is a basic Tamilian looking at spiritualism as a normal HUMAN BEING ..Eppadi 😉

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Guruji – Do each and every human need this middleman to realise God or attain highest level of Spiritualism?

Maatha Pithaa Guru Theivam: A saying that we all learn from our parents. Anyway my understanding on guru part is someone who guide us to gain knowledge at any point of aspects. Whatsoever now the meaning is already been mislead.One calls themself as GOD and have group of idiotic ppl around this “GOD” to praise..
What the fuck?!!!

A human can turn around and become as GOD ahhh?? Are this people/ followers born mad or made up as 1?
Ok below is my understanding on this matter:
1) We know God whom been intro to us by our parents or caretakers.
2) Pray to God is basic…We ask for forgiveness on sin we have done.
3) Thank God on what ever good thing happened to us.
4)Pray to God and ask for everyone u know to have happy life.
5) You will have natural calmness kinda feelings when you are in temple.

Above all reason mentioned, most important reality is YOU HAVE TO DO GOOD TO YOURSELF AND PEOPLE THAT NEED HELP. Thats it.

Apart above yenna hair ke ore Guruji thedi athula avera Sami ah kumbedarathe??? Already have more than 1000 GODS in Hinduism some more want to add ahh?
I just dont understand this fucking formula.
The worst is some ppl called themself Guruji but having a lavish lifestyle and do apply charges to those want to follow them as followers!! Yenna kodumai sir ethu?

Neenga nalla vali katere Guruji ah illai nalla aale seire Guruji ahh??

I bet you a lot ppl outside there already have done tonnes of sins then they go to this middleman and ask for forgiveness and this fellow will forgive them instantly and tell them you can wash your sins by doing “good deeds” to him.
Then our ppl will eagerly follow their so called guru finger points till their end of life! The worst part is this so called ardent followers if you see at another part of their life they would have abandoned their real guru of all: PARENTS! to all this ppl I have greeting for them..” Fuck u and ur believe!

We can have guru but not a guru called GOD! As mentioned above guru is someone guide us to go right path in life…and that’s all about it. not pray to him and labeled him as GOD!

I have personally listen to one of follower of one famous samiyar la. Below is my conversation with him:

Follower: Bro do you do dyanam?
Me : Sometimes yes bro..but no time la as my nature of job like that.
Follower: How you do dyanam? Who is your guru?
Me : Enna kelvi bro ethu..I do dyanam as how everyone do laa..and I dont have any guru..y ?
Follower: Than you doing wrong thing bro as without guru you cannot dyanam!!
Me : Ethu enna jo puthu serial la eruke..My sibling who do dyanam and they guide me la..
Follower: Then you are wrong bro as no dyanam can be performed without guru ignition..
Me : Naa enna vandiya bro ignition key pothu start penne??
Follower: You are doing sin!!
Me : Then come and do with me! Aale ookathe daa maire..You do what you want and I do what I want.

Conversation ended there. Can you guys imagine the frustration on that point of time I go thru??… That samiyar knows I think 😉

Honestly I feel the so called GODMAN not to be blamed, but the “smart” followers…

Step down to real world my ppl! Grow up..wondering and sad too when this ppl all going to stop this nonsense and react rationally?
Anyway I have my own says what this spiritualist donkeys can do:
1) Believe your parents not so called samiyar porampoke!
2) Care for your parents not care for so called samiyar kaminatis.
3) Spent for your parents not spent on so called samiyar Sunnis..

Some says GOD is within us.I believe this is possible too.If it is so, then listen to yourself always and do things as what your heart says..Dont find broker in between..
Further, for me Ill prefer seek my kaingals for advise or opinion than look for orange khakis..

Guys, dont misunderstand on what I have said here, those days saints still living in everyone heart for their sacrifice on needy and poor ppl. They too never call themself GOD BUT BEEN INTERPRETED AS GOD. Who did this? Again the followers…Okla their wish..but dont la go around recruit member and convince all to follow what nonsense you do?!

I know my words are hardcore..but sometime some people need hardcore style laa.. 🙂

Parents than da unake ellamey…seek them,praise them,takecare of them…they are your real GURUS in this life..and to near the real GOD that you are seeking for to attain highest spiritualism level…
and stop looking for middle man and start show your middle finger to all those man.. 😉

p/s: tappa pesena manicerengga..manikatinalam paravalai yenna enake antha kavalai maire um illai…

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Pro and Contra On Ritual Rites..

Dear all,

Above title itself shows that I gonna touch on religious matter..Yess! absolutely. Nowdays alots of arguments,critics and suggestions going on for this kinda issue. I never heard this kinda things happening in Islam,Christianity and Sikhs and any other religion.

My question is why????…


Actually Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world which cannot be describe in 1 line..and we all well understand there is lots of Gods and rites in it..So our people down here since got lots of choice , you just pray la to whom you wanna pray.Dont go there n here complain n give suggestion that this God is powerful that God is not powerfull..What nonsense is this??

If you people damn good enough then shall do some research on Hinduism and get the answer why that ritual like that and this ritual like this..Or else do some dyanam as how some people do to grow your spiritual knowledge. The trend now is go and register in 1 organisation or samiyars. Then start to follow what they say..that aso oklaa..but the worst is start to pray to the samiyar and declare them as GOD?!!! then condemn other rites. Fuck! What the hell you  think you are??

While another group will go around and say Bodyguard Gods ( Kaval Theivams) are not good to prays and shall pray to some other GOD. What you knows about them?? You must understand some poeple believe solely on them.

Haisss..eppada terintha poringaa???

In this very life..we shall not do la..:

1) Stealing

2)Disgrace Parents ( Shall you have 1)

3) Rape/ indecent relationship.

4)Killing ( killing human oni la as Idont believe in saivaism)

Maybe more than above basic 4 I have given is applicable. Other than anything.. you can do wat yo u want.To whom you wanna pray or duwan to prays its you fuckin biz and do go around and confuse people.

Basic is you shall realize on what youre doing..either you hurting yourself and not hurting others. If you dont do this both and leading a healthy life is what I called a common spiritualism as well.

Again, Hinduism is a great religion with alots of sub cons..I mean in malay is alots of “cabang” so try not to condemn it ! If you want so go and get some facts and figures to prove it.Otherwise dont try to act smart assholes and spoil the reputation of Hinduism.

Let your bros and sis (calling overall as 1 INDIAN) have a happy spiritual journey they choose. You pray your way and other pray they’re way..Thats it all about.

Im not a fanatic Hindu man..but just a  gentleman whom cannot understand the so called drama been seeing in daily life style..

Valenggada…Vala vitte valengge..!!!

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