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Chinna Chinna Reels when it comes to Relationship..

As we all going thru in our daily life.. our relationship towards our close ones, I mean the person you in love always have its wear and tear situation.
If anyone going to tell me that “ relationship with my so called bf/gf is very truthful and never ever had lied each other” than I have 3 alphabets for you jointly WTF!

Eventhough you do have a relationship with loved ones but that does’nt mean you cannot have your private life rite.. Example when the bf with friends playing snooker and in sudden the gf call him:

Situation 1:

GF: ” Sayang enge erukinga..what you doin da?” .…namba gf kepangga anbaley and namba hero athuku reply pannevare…

BF: ” Dai busy ah eruken da …kutali ke help paneren da avan assignment ke” ….but (anga partha kai vegama snooker ball aim panikittu erupare)…

Kaingaley..pachaiyaaa kusamaa reel udevan namba aalu..

Situation 2:

BF: “Baby you very bz ah da, miss you daa”.. namba hero rommba pasama keparu ( akkaraiyam avere sareke mela) 😉

athuku namba GF bathil ippadi erukum…

GF:” Yes da sayang..cho chweet of you, kunjam vite velaiya eruken da” .. (actual la anga paata sareke busy ah serial pateke kitte erukum)

Ethu periaaaa senju serial la sareke kode reply ye..

So above examples can tell us rite on our daily schedule people have to lie but for me its nothin wrong laa k..

Still, some nuts dont understand this kinda hanky panky things been done to them by their partner. Come on laa kaingaley!!! do you think reporting to you the real thing happenings in their daily life is vital??? If you ask me as long as this fellow dont betray you in terms of relationship than its fine enough for them to have their own sweet time with frens or whatever agenda.

Further, I believe they do this to their partners because they dowan them to get hurt ultimately. Well its proven and how we all going to take it when our loves ones lied to us just to spent time on other matter. Do not always expect your bf /gf to be your favourable situation to entertain all your f@@king needs!, but sad to say most of the nuts out there still have this kinda mandai laria avene mind de..

I guess give and take in relationship is the most important ingredients to be maintained or else its gonna be “touch n go” relationship only for them at the end.

As usual by ending this topic fast (bcuz mau pegi makan la..stomach music vasikeran ady) I would like to say below word..

When you in Love..dont just love your partner oni…try to fall in love with their likings and needs as well
.. 😉

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Temple dating..

Dear Kaingaley…

Above title should give you some imagination on whats happening on temple for our youngsters now days..Last week I went to temple as usual la..
When I went inside I saw this guy A was standing at the entrance like waiting for something you know..
Myself as usual when inside wash leg and start do my rites..

Within sudden this guy is just standing beside me..I was wondering wtf this guy was just now at the gate but suddenly came stand beside…So I was bit alert la and continue pray..but deep inside curiosity was there in me..wondering what this guy waiting for..then after few minutes…

Appathan la parthen naa intha kai yen angga nikithe nee…averode gurl le nikkite paaa opposite le…Settai jo..!!

I tell you theyre behaviour ahh..Mudiyileaa…Sette polam I tell the time Im writing this I really cannot control my laugh la..

Firstly this guy looked at her just like looking at MCD McChicken..Tingere mari pakeran…but the best part is this gurl B giving response for that..You know how??

Here we go…

She untie her hair..then tie her hair then adjust her duppata…then untie again her hair… then tie her hair then adjust her duppata …then untie her hair again!!!! In between chinna smile vere namba hero parthe..Andavaaa….After all this happened I forgot to pray to Lord Krishna that I suppose to but busy checking out this fellows “leelais”.

The best part is after all the prayers done end I saw this too dating laa at the corner of the temple..holding hands..PARTA RENDU KALUTHAYUM KATHALARGAL LA!!! I tell you at that point of time ahh I just taught of saying this word ” Maire kathal la ethu!! ”

WTH la this people mind working ahhh?? Temple vanthuma samike salute potoma poikitte erukanum…Anyway I didnt say la cannot see gurls or wat.. ( lite te saite adikalam jo…) athukene ippadiya???


U can go dating la where ever you want to go but dont la until sit in temple and “nondraning” both hands!! Come on la, our parents,kids and the old ones also coming to temple so try la to behave and Im wondering is this happening in any tokong and mosque??? Why laa behaving like not ciivilized but our religion already civilized much more earlier!!

Hmmm…nothin else to write about this shit but as usual got something to say for this jokers” Love Pannungala…Anaal Kandraviyia Panathingge!!!

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First Sight Love..Is It True?

Title says it rite..Topic maybe ‘palase’ laa old topic but eluthere aalu puthese ( new blogger la) 😉

Now is it true ah existance of First Sight Luv?
I have seen so many of my frens as well wil come and say ‘Machan avele pathoney ulentheten daa”
When they say this as usual my reply will be make fun of it laa…but yes, sometimes I do think of it..
Is this workable??
Honestly its unexplainable la rite as first sight love is something very beautiful, sweet feelings and its like living on our own colourful designed world.. IPPADI ELLAM ELUTHEVEN PATINGALA? ATHAN ILLAI…

Yes kaingaley..

WTH la you talking about first sight love?? You even dont know this person ( that you have just fallen for) is married or single, good character, understanding or can suitable for your characterism,etc la.
Anaa parthoney Kathal switch on panirethu heart le..Hahahahaha.. Eppadi?

Ethuke pear Kathala illai Kandravi ah?
Love ah illai Lolayii kathai ah?
Anba illai nee vilai kudethe vangere Vamba?

Come on la grow up!! Do you think by 1 look oni can SCAN the whole life of the person ahh??

Ore savadiyana sareke patere mudiyathu..odeney namba Machan Machoman na transform panirevare..

Kathal will make our kainge become Kavinyan following with all the crab melting words. Why??? Yen Cha?
Venam Kaingaley..venam especially those family oriented gurls..(bitch sarekes means oklar..kawtim)..

Wei, you need bloody time lar to know each other, understanding both needs and plans, get ready your both side to face both side parents what else ?? I also cannot think la …there is so many criteria before commit to sumone..
Well for me, its completely not First Sight Love..its First sight Lust.

Now let me tell you whats cross in ma mind when talk about love:
When start to think about love = Its Responsibility.
Second, show your care for her on her interests that she wan achieve in life and not making her to “carry” (pregnant) .

Impress her and built confidence in her by your career growth/ planning that you have done to win her.Simply make her melt by bringing her to book a car for you or house. Yes this is one of the way la I guess.

Same goes to gurls as well.
Look for a guy whom steady in his career to support your goodself and collectively for a happy life together in future.
Dont become a “prettynut” by choosing guys whom rich with his flower words (ayat bunga la) who comes wif 1 nice car ( actuallly kutali kadi la athu ), nice dressing and most importantly he is good in make you feel good and comfortable when you with him.

Honestly I feel, gurls are VERY WEAK in choosing the correct man in their life. I mean majority laa..
Fail to find a “real man” and stop blaming guys as the culprit.

Sareke semmaya erukala pakathingaa..Sathuvanevela parungga..
Ponnu panas (hot chick) ah pakathingaa.. Porumai ullavela parungga..

and gurls..

Kainge Alaga eruknra pakathingge..Akkarai ullavana parengga..
Machan machoman na pakatingga.. Pakka gentleman na parungga..

Last not least..

” Nalla Parthe Kathal Pannenga..Parthoney Kathal Pannathinga la” 😉

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With The Name Of Luv..This bastard will make her life to thrown in basket!

Exactly as said above…I just understand some guys intend to be in luv truly really…watver fuckinly with the gurl they luv till some times wen some unavoidable problems pop ups…thats it! they just will take oppurtunity to out frm this relationship and say babai to this poor gurl…whom she expected this asshole will be there for her oni and wont let her go from his life..

Just like how we eat orange fruit after sqeezing the juice…same way this guys will throw this gurl for their bloody on fuckin reason..

If this guys wanna do this to any bitches I myself dont mind..but this fuckers will do even for a gurl that thinks this guy is the so called dream man for them in life and whereby this guyz will clearly will proof this gurls taught is YES TRUE!! butttttttttt wait!, its not  BY MEANT TO MARRY THEM but  theyre meanin of”yes” is they are the man meant in dream oni..not in REALITY!

Out ther, why la you assholes doing this??? If you wanna play out a gurl means gently call them and ask for a date and then hapilly fuck each other later on…but dont ever say I LUV U and do this kinda shit to this gurls…but if you still have this lust  do then do it wif your bloody own sisters !!

Further to add cap on their evil charecterism, they will marry another women and will show to world they havin a wonderful life..!!! Let me tell something to this kinda so called man..

Gurls who ever affected out ther…

I wont say like any1 else why dont you find a true man but end up fixed wif  conman..No worries..I shall not pressure you wif this kinda statement…


THIS IS MORE WORST THAN EVER..imagine should know the impact especially as women…

Gurls again..

remember always and dun think this fellows are having wonderful life by marrying another gurl by dumping u and you start to hate GOD and urself…because..this GUY JUST END UP MARRIED TO ANOTHER BITCH and missed a wonderful marriege life to an angel like u.. 🙂

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When you feel your luv ones cant understand…


Above is almost everytime happens in ma life..haiss..I just dont understand yyyyyy,,,,

Is it because im unpredictable/

Is it because Im in wrong side?

I always wish to know the truth within maself…

Sometimes I do wonder weather this ppl really cant know wat I mean or they purposely doin it.. :))..but long as I know wat I meant its enough for me to justify that m in fuckin rite position..


Oni GOD CAN JUDGE ME…. :p…. so its better dun give damn on wat others think bout us and our opinion..

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Identify Your True Man@Kathalan@Future Hubby


Itsmy thought which was in mind for some time..To know whats on in gurls mind..believe this is not only myself have this kind a question but most of the guyz.
Bet not all the guyz out there manage to pass this exam…hahahahaa…some assholes will try for their dreamgurl till become a rotten skeleton..When you are sincere enough this sluts wont understand your feeling la bro till they found sum1 else so called damn gud than you..

( their prediction la) but will end up realising kaingals value wen been fucked up for few months and after wasted some gallon of tears…Come on gurlz!!! Wake up!!

Why cant you gurls think and make a proper decision??? Select a guy or a gud gentleman wif below criteria:

– A man wif ambition not a man wif intention to fuck u
– A man concern about your career or studies and not a man concern on ur cutting ( body shape laa)

– A man with characterism and not a man wif caring branded stuffs on his whole body (Rayban glasses la, Bonia T la, snails pants la, boxter la , spinxter la and watever fuck la.)

– A man financially steady and not a man ready to fuck u.

Well,.,.you got it gurls???

Im not here to critic to gals but the situation is becomin worst and worst recently wif increase in rape case, molest, and watever fuckin stuffs.

Be always alert on those guyz approaching you gals wif so call fuckin true luv…but in their mind is fuckin true taste of you!

Lastly dun mistaken above is a piece of advice to you gals but truly and be alert….

Again , understand above word might be harsh and extreme, but tell you,,,I dunt give a fuck for that!

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