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DEATH!!!… & How I look at it…

DEATH – Sort of FEAR that comes to everyone mind when we hear someone passed away suddenly. Why this FEAR is within us?
Guys…think carefully…people always used to say Birth & Death is something very normal and can’t avoid..Yesss…I also know la mike its very common and unavoidable situation..BUTTTTTT..

The question is why the fear is there out of sudden even though it’s not YOU THE ONE DIED or going to die at that moment?…Relax dude 😛

I believe its our inner feeling toward how we would go thru all this right and why this always happens at the moment you least expecting this? Well…this was in my mind until to certain extends and now, let me pen down and share with you…

In today’s world, this is what being tried to preach to us by many…teachers or religion gurujis – do not fear of death as we be being destined when is our D – Day comes..Bla blah bla….
Guys actually don’t get too serious about this matter. Death is something for SURE gonna welcome us one find day..

We while living in this world, we just need to carry on our life to the extend we want; or better if I say we can. In fact if you are pursuing something that very very valuable and its priceless and out of sudden you unable to do anything;You know what situation I mean right? I mean you ALREADY DIE LA AT THAT TIME 🙂
Your dream burn laa…thats it! So why we all so serious about what’s next coming up in life and rushing to achieve something super fast and end up blow up own self???

It’s not mean that you don’t dare dream to achieve what you want..BLUNTLY I don’t urge that, but its the way we lead life sometimes..Even myself sometimes want to do certain things very aggresively..for example driving at high-speed to reach my work place..Never realize that if at all I met in fatal accident then what’s the point all about I speed up?? Just to book my place in graveyard is it? OF COURSE BIG NO MACHI..Namake ellam patta than teriyunuma? Patta engga namake teriya pothe…anga than sangu uuthitanneggele..(Once we met in mishap only we need to realise is it? It’s already too late right at the very moment?)

In fact to be more precise about it,people always get into trouble by getting this thoughts to their mind. They want to overcome everyone and be the best, but what lies behind this thought?? A jealousy might arise, an evil thought to bring down those better than you, and so we can list it out more and more negative thoughts..

Can you see the difference and the ironic matter that we need to realise?

Further to add on is about those are very fond of sentimental reason when talk about DEATH..Yes Im fucking sure about it..Now, it can be anyone from this point of time, you might felt that you can’t live without loved ones or very hard to live without them, please cut the crap and ready to accept the unexpected. Be defined, cool and happy carrying on your life peacefully and cheerfully. YOU CANT AVOID IT..

Guys, to communication with GOD or in your prayers session nevertheless any religion, dont alway pray and put petition to GOD to keep that person happy, to give this person happiness,or all must fine and healthy..bla blah…

Let me ask you something, are you going to get return confirmation from GOD or any acceptance letter from heaven on your wish /prayers ??
Listen carefully..Im not teasing or make fun of any religion or prayers here..When we talk about PRAYERS..ITS ABOUT TRUST,FAITH,LOVE!.. Apart from all this, its YOUR HOPE and YOUR WISH will be granted by the Almighty right ? 🙂
So..ironically no matter how we wish and pray… you can’t stop DEATH and BIRTH folks..

Well if you ask me Ill say you should utter this sayings apart from anything else in your daily day life…..

(Oh GOD!!Give me the strength to accept and face any difficulties comes in my daily life)

Again, lets give more space to any of you guys felt or imagine how is your D-Day will be? Some even go further to the extend on plan their death and wish how should their death to take place…
Hahahahahaha…Enna maire pece machi..Saveee nichayam…athulaa choosing veraayaa?? (Your death is confirmed, but still you want to choose the way you want is it?)

The worst is peoples quote that we used to hear “if you do bad you’ll go hell ok and if you do good you’ll go heaven ok”
Hahahahahahaha! again I have to give you a big fuck again…Wei even YOU ARE NOT SURE whether your ticket has been booked in HEAVEN or HELL and nobody knows..BUT IM PRETTY SURE YOU WILL BE DEFINITELY GOING TO GRAVEYARDS LA DUDES… :)) Apprum yenna maireke intha peci ellam???…( so for what fuck la this kinda statements been used??)

The moral is you do GOOD…then you expect the GOOD thing for you..and its vice versa la..

Arguably yes, it’s really damn hard and heart shattering moments whenever you hear DEATH,especially when involved the loved ones; but I kneel down and beg you PLEASE do bring this saddened situation to your heart and mind in controllable way that you know the best and try to overcome the sad,scared,puzzled feelings with more positive way and not screwing yourself to book early bird of your own DEATH!

By the way…” Oh GOD, why you create such thing as DEATH ? Hmmm…I wish to be Immortal or to the extend of remain as baby forever.. 😛