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MH370 – Our Role

Believe all of us been put in dilemma on this tragedy happened on 8th March 2014.

Since the day we been informed globally that this flight is missing, till today we been talking about this almost all the free time we have in our daily routine.

Where things went wrong?
Who is responsible?
What is the agenda?
Was it an accident?
Was is a well planned hijack?
Or was it a perfect plan with political move?

Seriously Im not going to elaborate on all above possibility. Its already been 1 month the family members been in trauma and we dont even know what would be the faith of this passengers.
Daily we receive alot of updates and som even make fun of it which I think these people really need some medical attention.

Logically, first thing my prayers goes to the people and the family affected. Cant even imagine how could be the feelings when your love ones is of out sudden missing from this tragedy. Only GOD knows whereabouts and heart feelings of the family members and the victim.

We have heard many air crash investigation before and the black box been found. Wreckage been moved for everyones visibility and justification.

This tragedy in Malaysia, I think the only one is still in mystery.
Well, my personal view I have shared below:

Hijacked? = Then should have people asked for for ransom and claim for responsibility

Crashed in Ocean? = Then leave aside the wreckage of the plane, atleast the body should have floating on the ocean.

Apart from above realistic imagination of a normal citizen like me, what could be the next possibility is only known to the people involve in it.

As a responsible human being regardless of race and religion, we all should pray for the well being fo the family and hope this mishap should not been repeated in future for what ever reason in earth.

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Tamil Drama…Leads To Family Drama?

Those days tamil drama is not a famous entertainment and infact this will be the last choice sort by people shall no programme is entertaining.
TD (Tamil Drama) become very popular out of sudden in Malaysia due to the reason which is UNKNOWN till today.

I still remember of drama “PREMI” which tops the chart of tamil folks at home. This drama created a wave within the community in Malaysia followed by others to produce same package of dramas. There we go from “Chitti” till “Vaani Rani” today.

Anyway, from what we can see is, these dramas consist with alot of bad mouthing skills which can create a successful “family politics”
Start from throwing all kind of negative words till heart sickening scenes which can really spoil the community.

Enough on the vieiwing time on prime time (2000hrs – 2200hrs), this really creates big impact in viewers especially the young ones. “Affected” range age is mostly young kids till teenage mostly.

I dont deny the is less teenage interested on such thingy but some of them have no other choice to view this kind of programme since its family elders “favourite”.

Seriously, I have seen families have issues similar to what is shown in drama and the best part is the reaction from the dramas been perfectly implimented in their real life too.

Below is some example “course” that can be learned and impliment in real life:

1. How to create problem between Mother In Law & Daughter In Law
2. How to disrespect elders.
3. How to create conflict between husband and wife

and….the list goes on….

Infact I dont blame the producers…it’s the viewers ideology and likings to watch this dramas not thinking about their youngers will learn this negative elements successfully.

By the time Im writing this, sure some heads already will be arguing on how about other language also have element why tamil drama been pointed out. See, for all this people I just have to say one sentence:

“Why the hell you want to bother about others first when our own mother tongue dramas have so much of negative elements”???

Ironically, this thingy not going to end looking at the dramas been overflow in our channels.

Only one way to avoid this:
“NEW GENERATION@EDUCATED PARENTS out there, please stop watching these dramas and start expose our kids to more better things ahead”

” We create the scene for Positive Elements” πŸ™‚

Fickle minded MLM disorder patients = “Make Life Miserable” for friends!

Fickle mind is something related to people whom unable to stand with firm decision. Yes…I have come across many people and this is not something to say as character issue but it becomes kinda disorder for certain people..
There are many with this mentality…Ok ok!…its your own bloody problem right…Yes I do aware about it…
Anyway this will become nuisance when you start to convince people to follow the same…
The issue Im gonna focus is the people who venture in MLM business of their choice screwing own friends time and energy…

Guys..its not wrong you venture in MLM business..and even it will turn up a successful life journey shall you put heart and soul in it.. Hard working and thick skin needed to be on of the successful people in this industry.

All is fine…now the issue is why you assholes always want to pull in your friends whom already become your supporter and get fucked up in your previous MLM experience. You never realise right you bring them in the business and force to attend so called meetings in various places and end up they need to either sell the product or get in new members..Some MLM even worst, they will charge you high membership fee and the best part is you will be fucking energetic when you attend the meeting for the first time. You will be exposed to so called successful people with multiple motivational speech, driving big cars with photographs in their bulletins, as this is one of the strategy to win or attract people to fuck around in this group…and ready to fuck public mindset out there who is leading a nice peace full life with handsome income; just nice for their saving and lead daily life.

Basic way to pull in people in MLM:
– call friends and say ” Cha naa ore puthu biz plan vecehreke da..correct ta follow pannum, 6 masathele valve maridum daa!!”
(bro, I have new biz plan to share, if we really follow then within 6 months out life will be changed!!)

– call friend and say ” dai intha varum sani kalamai free ya da?? namba meet pannevum..mukiamana matter eruke daa..”
(bro this week you free ah? got something important to disccus about”)

– call friend and say ” Naa unn kitta ore biz patti pesenum far intha biz le than la naa kaase paaka mudiyuthu..Nee try pannea..unakum teriyum..serious sa di..” (
(I have venture in biz and this biz really can see money ady..try and see”)

When your good friend calling and say something like this, we will cancel all important appointments just to listen to our so called friend who needs us…Anyway when you meet up on the day and your friend start to fuck by his mouth, then you know he is asking you to sell something by convincing you the product is fucking good in the world or call in other friends of yours to join in the group!!
The feel is really fucked up at that point of time ( you know what I mean if you been a victim before)..

Guys…come on!! friends are someone very helpful,reliable at any point of time and in any situation. This is called true friends.. Anyway I can bet you that many of this people screwed their good friendship just by bringing them to this kinda things. Again, it is worst when they keep changing the business type even though its same fucking MLM.
Yenda intha maire polape?? “Nenngalum olunga seiya matingga…kutali kitti te vanthu avanayum pesiyea adipinnge..”
(You guys wont do it properly and you will kill you friend by keep talking about this again and again)..

See..I NEVER SAY MLM IS WRONG!! If you are really ready for the challenge THEN STICK TO THE BUSINESS TILL YOU SUCCESS.. DONT BRING IN YOUR FRIENDS FIRST AND CONVINCE THEM THAT THEY CAN BECOME MILLIONAIRE WITHIN SHORT TERM PERIOD AND YOU FUCK OFF WITHIN 2 MONTHS!!.. Our people already so greedy in their daily life..and when someone come forward and say you are the next moron millionaire in next 6 months; thats it! Every luxury things start circulate in their mind and they get ready to find another innocent friend in their list…

In between all this there are many syndicates now to earn money fast..This is even worst!! totally illegal and you might end up in jail if things really become out of hand.
It just crossed in my mind now..Even at this point of time Im writing…pretty sure out there someone eagerly would be busy fucking another friends ass about this MLM and convince him to fuck another victim soonest…

Eager to become successful person in life is not wrong, but do it in proper way. Stay on in the business (of course legal one). Build your confidence first before try to do build for others.

Guys and gurls out there.. do not get cheated with this kinda nuisance I called and get more info before sign up for any MLM… DONT LET OTHERS DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO IN LIFE..YOU DECIDE!

and for the MLM fickle minded morons..I have only one phrase for you if you approach me ” Dont expect me to fuck spider!!!

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The Classic Backstabber…

Here comes the hot topic Im writing up..

First of all, Im wondering do anyone able to identify backstabber’s face? I wish can identify them before they play the game…

Its all about people mentality when comes to appreciation,loyalty and how you get fucked up with so called good people at the initial stage and end up reveal their true colours at final endings.

Recently 1 guy joined my company as forwarding executive. He is father of 4 kids and leading a moderate lifestyle.
He was jobless for 8 months and been introduced by forwarding manager to assist in forwarding department.

In the interview after all formality session; at one point of time,my MD asked him “do you have any issue to start work immediately?” since he was not working for sometime.
This asshole fast reaction was come up with his sad story saying that he owe someone RM5000 and need to settle them. Out of sudden MD told him will pay for him and he no need to pay him back. He even ask account manager to give cash cheque to him just to make sure he can start work immediately without any problem.

Shocked with my MD’s reaction, this guy burst out with tears saying that he will never forget my MD and will work till he die for him..and the situation something like he will carry my MD balls where ever he goes from the day onwards.

Ok..all was well and the problem started last 2 weeks when he was given RM900 to pay for some shipment charges. This guy took this money and didnt pay for it and he just “buat bodoh” about it.
After 1 week, my forwarding manager asked him what happen to the money and he insist already paid the money. Stupid asshole right??? It never crossed in this mango idiots head that my forwarding manager will check with the people.

So, as you guys can predict, this bastard didnt pay back the money even after forwarding manager gave him one week to repay back. Then he took MC for few days and went missing..

Today, we receive back the handphone given to him with sim card, and guess what??
We found resignation letter was written in torn letter and kept in handphone box itself!!
Now you guys tell me..he sounds as true mother fucker right?? How cheap he can be for his behaviour…
The least he should take effort to come over and handover the resignation letter in proper way right.. ( eventhough he knew that he is man without balls )

When our teenage boys and gurls wanna behave like ADULT!

Well, guess above topic was in my mind for sometime but keep forgetting to update about this nuisance always..At all the time when Im just observing this teenages on their behaviour and especially strucked at any functions.
The way they carry themself is just disgusting and sometimes its funny as well…Below are some signals of the way they behave:


Non shaved moustache or beard even though its just start to grow here and there on the face..They dont intend to shave and at that point of view, its just look like a human in cat face… ( misai kucing laa machi…)
Intereference on adult conversation..Yes!! when there are group of adult talkin about something, they intend to take part of it and end up talk rubbish in between which will eventually will lead them to become a centre of laughing stock or else get scolded with the elders.
Smoke and Drinks…this another trademark they want to show off and end up they will look like clown by the 2nd can of beer! Maire mari erukum munja pake..
– Try show MACHO MAN view end up look like MUNCHIN MONKEY..

Above is guys…now come to Gurllsss…

Excessive make ups.. Yes! Sometimes just looked like a witch in making but age is just like attain puberty yesterday..
Lipsticks is normal…but not to extend of colouring the whole face till look so weird..but for them theyre the latest chick on the block..
Carrying handbags..Sound like normal but actually not! Carrying hand bags on every places looks like a “MAMA selling chicks” the differents is “MAMA” got “vettalai dappa” but this gurls got handbags!!
Body language…Another disgusting thing that been observed usually..What I meant is walking style and chest up matters..Jessica Alba also not a competitor for them in terms of walking… “antha aate atungge edupa!!”

All above is kinda so called adulteries facts they will do just to show they are growned up and this trend is keep happening to a level whereby even standard 6 to form 3 pupils nowdays!!!
I have just 1 thing to say to this groups…” You are in the level that even dunno how to fuck properly,so dont get fucked up in your entire life just to show you are ADULT πŸ˜‰ because there are alot of “chicks hunter” out there and counting to destroy your life and for guys, there are lot of smart gurls and criminal rowdies to make you just looked like a stupid nut at the end of your days..

Harsh rite…YES IT SHOULD BE HARSH FOR “budak budaks” like this…Got it?..Well think about it.

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Wedding with Jadagam approval..Is it vital?

Vanakam Vanthanam to all kaingals..romba nala achi site pakkam vanthe.. well bit busy with my working schedule..Anyway I have a topic to spill out eventhough its a bit old plague yaa… πŸ™‚

We all knows how our Indian weddings been done all this while.Its will happen by arrange marriege or love marriege..No matter what there is this virus called “jadagam” been consulted before get final approval.
Im not here to question what about jadagam and the truth behind it…but how efficient and workable this so called jadagam is my question.
People used to say if jadagam not ok then the couples will end up break up or will not be happy after all..
Now, how many dubukes that got consult jadagam and end up veryyyyy much so called happy marrige life.

Lets take a REAL case study as below:

Case 1
Guy A got 10 porutam, got car and house then got all the “tools” la required to get married k..but he aso have “naga thosam” Then here comes gurl with 10 porutam also to be married to this guy A but since the guy A got “naga thosam” so some parigaram been done by this temple priest cum “thosam eraser” to “erase” this thosam and get the couples married off..Finally they tie the knot as per arrangement by family members, I mean “internal broker” la k..After few month this guy A died instantly by road accident! So now, who is the person to be pointed out? Is the “thosam eraser” or the “internal broker”???

Case 2
Guy A fell in love with this gurl B and they were in relationship for few years till they inform parents about their status and the parents start their “traditional vetting arrangement” with getting both parties jadagam and sort it out..The result not favour again for the gurl B now due to she has “seva thosam”..So those guy with “seva thosam” only can get married to her. Since this guy A din give a fuck to the jadagam matter, he procees to married this gurl and now they happily married for 14 years with 3 kids.. Now, is this guy A smart or the so called jadagam failed to attack this couples life??

Well peoples…we all need to know 1 thing, for my point of view, when you have decided to get married with someone you like then dun give a fuck for jadagam as it might screw your entire well planned life…but if you are a person give some serious taughts for this jadagam matter then dont go around and say fucking “I Love U” word to innocent people who trust you all the while in your relationship…Honestly this kinda assholes should been marked as “jadagam jandhus”..

Again for arranged marriege couples, if you have current problem with your marriege life dont come and blame your so called jadagam failure as in reality you dunno how to take care your fucked up marriege life…

After all, I do believe “mana porutam” all meaning heart to heart understanding and a positive way of taking problems should lead to a very much happy married life. Leaving loved ones from this world is not been planned but happen as it is nature called off.Further to add, by checking and sorting all jadagam needs does’nt guarantee you a happy marrige life with 200 years!
Unnum solla ponaa…intha jadagam ore logic matter ra terileh…anaa confirm ah ore tragic ending ah mattum teriyuthu..
Apprum yenna hair ke ethe seiyanum?? :S

Lastly…varthai tappa ponicina manicerengge…yenna enake tappana visiyum tappa pesithan palakam πŸ˜‰

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Rajinikanth – A man with split personality?

Famous Tamil actor Rajinikanth, who created a sort of new trend and style in acting, has over the years become an icon of Tamil cinema. His phenomenal success as an actor is unrivalled in the world of films. He is more of a Tamil actor. Yet his fame has spread as far as Japan in the east and UK in the west transcending all national boundaries. His blockbuster Tamil films ‘Annamalai’, ‘Thalapathi’, ‘Baasha’, ‘Muthu’, ‘Arunachalam’, ‘Padayappa’, ‘Chandramukhi’ and ‘Sivaji: The Boss’ have all been dubbed and converted into Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada language movies which also became super duper hits. Tamil actor Rajinikanth’s mannerisms like flipping a cigarette onto his lips or spectacles on his eyes or lighting a cigarette or his flamboyant dialogue delivery have all generated a sort of mass hysterical adulation for this sensational iconic Tamil actor called Rajinikanth. Remember his famous punch lines ‘Naan oru dhatavai sonna, Adhu nooru dhatavai sonna madhiri’ [If I tell once it is equal to telling 100 times] from ‘Baasha’ and ‘singam singla thaan varum’ [Lion comes alone] from ‘Shivaji’ which still ring in the ears of legions n legions of his fans. The dialogues look simple but coming from Rajinikanth in his flamboyant style, they take a frenzied notoriety creating a mass hysteria among the millions of Tamil film audiences. Tamil actor Rajinikanth is undoubtedly the biggest star of Tamil cinema.

Apart all above commercial cinema world with full of glamour and happening environment on daily basis…..he has his another life…A spiritual life…A life with full of calmness and bliss..Just wearing a torn vesti..he towards climbing a hill kinda place and had his meditation there..( I have seen in 1 article) Check out the video below..

What kinda split personality he is? πŸ™‚

I am not a Rajinikanth diehard fan and Im not againts Rajinikanth as well…but feel attracted to his way of life..

Any comment on this? πŸ™‚

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