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Office Politics..A hidden virus in most organization.

Office politics is something very comment in our country. As far as I know since I changed job in many places still this fucking shit still around and making its wave towards downfall of the company..Why this cannot be treated?
Well, from my point of view its nothin than misjudge a staff while giving in some role and responsibility.
Secondly, grouping in company..the moment a few staff start talking and they find comfortable to each other, there is where this virus will take part. One another will start about negative points of ther another couleagues..eventually those not “satu kepala” with them.Thus, a flow of bad things will circulate among them till one of the team member in the group start feel something is wrong on what theyre talking about. This “blackship” will start to do his part la…This fellow will go and pass the message to the mentioned bad party.
Below is example of conversation of this matter:

Staff 1: Yendi, evan terinthavey maatana??
Staff 2: Yaare di?
Staff 1: Athan…antha mala korangge…kadepa than eruke athodey…eppa paaru ennai yea korai sollum..
Staff 2: Ohh…athuvaa..nee mattum illai ellarekum athe pudikathe…enna seiya velai naale pesamey eruken…
Staff 3: Athu velai athu seithulaa…anaa enakum kadepathan erukum ( this is the mentioned blackship)

Another occasion:
Staff 3: Hey naa un kitta onne solleven but keep it yourself seria..
MalaiKorengge: Ennathu…??
Staff 3: Nolaa…anniki staff 1 & 2 kude sapede ponen…they talk about you laa thats y…
MalaiKorengge: Amavaa! Enna sonnicinggaa laa?
Staff 3: Hey enn pere keduterathingga seria…Nan than sonnen solathingga please…
MalaiKorengge: I know you la..dont worry I wont tell..

Then start la staff 3 part of operation done and will elaborate more on the issue till this makes one and another will have grudge till affect the performance of each of them..not to mentioned on their relationship la which eventually become cold ready.

See, all this shit is happen because of eagerness to find wrong thing from others but always dont realise they themself have a very bad attitude within them.

Eventhough above is a example of a group of gurls conversation…guys also same thing! Sometime even worst than gurls..

This fucking character is almost in every company..this virus cannot be cured unless the virus itself become neutral..You got what I mean?
Yes.!!! the person who spreading and start to talk bad should stop it, then only this kinda childish attitude will not arise.

VELAIKI VANTHUMA….VELAI SENJOMAA…POIKITEE ERUKANUM…like one says of Malays” jangan sibuk jaga tepi kain orang”
some kind of words they use..True wat?!

In tamil, ” aduthavan suthe paakama un suthe mattum paaru” 🙂

Lastly just to say when sometimes we mentioned grow up…it really matters physically and MENTALLY 😉 .

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