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MH370 – Our Role

Believe all of us been put in dilemma on this tragedy happened on 8th March 2014.

Since the day we been informed globally that this flight is missing, till today we been talking about this almost all the free time we have in our daily routine.

Where things went wrong?
Who is responsible?
What is the agenda?
Was it an accident?
Was is a well planned hijack?
Or was it a perfect plan with political move?

Seriously Im not going to elaborate on all above possibility. Its already been 1 month the family members been in trauma and we dont even know what would be the faith of this passengers.
Daily we receive alot of updates and som even make fun of it which I think these people really need some medical attention.

Logically, first thing my prayers goes to the people and the family affected. Cant even imagine how could be the feelings when your love ones is of out sudden missing from this tragedy. Only GOD knows whereabouts and heart feelings of the family members and the victim.

We have heard many air crash investigation before and the black box been found. Wreckage been moved for everyones visibility and justification.

This tragedy in Malaysia, I think the only one is still in mystery.
Well, my personal view I have shared below:

Hijacked? = Then should have people asked for for ransom and claim for responsibility

Crashed in Ocean? = Then leave aside the wreckage of the plane, atleast the body should have floating on the ocean.

Apart from above realistic imagination of a normal citizen like me, what could be the next possibility is only known to the people involve in it.

As a responsible human being regardless of race and religion, we all should pray for the well being fo the family and hope this mishap should not been repeated in future for what ever reason in earth.

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