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Transformation In My Life ?

It’s been some time I have not been keen in blog world. I have been “missing” I could say for long period. Nevertheless, it is not intentionally but my tight schedule in my career.
Yes, as per title above.. Im experiancing a changes within me which lately awaken me to experiance new feel in me.
It might be sounds funny or weird for people but this is what I felt.

Lately, I keep thinking on my direction in life, something is “pending” that I need to look into it kinda feelings always cross in my mind. Oftenly I get “washed away” from real world and living lifestyle.Something like dreaming feeling. The worse part when people talking to me, my mind will be thinkin something else. Im getting confused all the time on what I want in this very life.

Why me ? Why I have to go thru this at this time period?

Im confused. I’ve tried not to think to much about it but at times its crossing my mind more oftenly.

Basically, I’m very jovial person and love to entertain people but this become my challenges ready. In recent occasion when I attend my relation birthday function I started to dance and singing entertaining people not to forget on my CARLSBERG BEER in hand. Anyway out of sudden, I have scared feeling and felt my soul is warning me not to involve such activity!! What is this?

Above is just one of example I have given on my inner feelings.

Adding to my confusion few incidents that took place in my life give me more hints I should learn more in life than my living lifestyle.

Slowly, I sensed that there is some transformation happening within me. What shall I do?…Where this is leading to?…

Totally Im blurred. Anyway, shall its a spiritual call or something else…I bow down to Lord and praying to Him to show me the right Path..

Keen To Know The Unknown… :S

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