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Tamil Drama…Leads To Family Drama?

Those days tamil drama is not a famous entertainment and infact this will be the last choice sort by people shall no programme is entertaining.
TD (Tamil Drama) become very popular out of sudden in Malaysia due to the reason which is UNKNOWN till today.

I still remember of drama “PREMI” which tops the chart of tamil folks at home. This drama created a wave within the community in Malaysia followed by others to produce same package of dramas. There we go from “Chitti” till “Vaani Rani” today.

Anyway, from what we can see is, these dramas consist with alot of bad mouthing skills which can create a successful “family politics”
Start from throwing all kind of negative words till heart sickening scenes which can really spoil the community.

Enough on the vieiwing time on prime time (2000hrs – 2200hrs), this really creates big impact in viewers especially the young ones. “Affected” range age is mostly young kids till teenage mostly.

I dont deny the is less teenage interested on such thingy but some of them have no other choice to view this kind of programme since its family elders “favourite”.

Seriously, I have seen families have issues similar to what is shown in drama and the best part is the reaction from the dramas been perfectly implimented in their real life too.

Below is some example “course” that can be learned and impliment in real life:

1. How to create problem between Mother In Law & Daughter In Law
2. How to disrespect elders.
3. How to create conflict between husband and wife

and….the list goes on….

Infact I dont blame the producers…it’s the viewers ideology and likings to watch this dramas not thinking about their youngers will learn this negative elements successfully.

By the time Im writing this, sure some heads already will be arguing on how about other language also have element why tamil drama been pointed out. See, for all this people I just have to say one sentence:

“Why the hell you want to bother about others first when our own mother tongue dramas have so much of negative elements”???

Ironically, this thingy not going to end looking at the dramas been overflow in our channels.

Only one way to avoid this:
“NEW GENERATION@EDUCATED PARENTS out there, please stop watching these dramas and start expose our kids to more better things ahead”

” We create the scene for Positive Elements” 🙂

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