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Classic way of marriage for Sluts & Crooks!


Marriage is one of the major turning point in ones life. No matter who is the choice to settle down for the rest of the life but that particular person will be the person we expect the best in earth.
We Indian are very particular in those days marriage arrangement. Parents will play the vital role in getting the best partner for the children. Well, no more headache for parents as things already changed in very fast phase with arrangement of marriage or so called find the right life partner can be assist by few famous “online brokerage”. In fact, online networking page does its roll well.. Eventhough the page been created for some good purpose,but been used for “advance stage” by some “oppurtunity seekers” Im happy to name it few here and rename it for better understanding:

Facebook becomes (Fuck A Chick Entry Book ) (Fuck A Crook Entry Book)
Friendster becomes Disaster
Tagged becomes Hanged

Aiyoo… Aiyoo…Aiyoo…

In today’s world moving in fast phase,traditional way of our elder find bride/bridegroom by seeking astrologers,temple priest, friends and relations is slowly shading away.Those yesteryears brokers currently out of job due to the impact.
So, let talk about how current marriages shapes up. Well, as everyone aware, nowdays marriage genuineness becomes highly questionable. Im not going to condemn of anyone’s marriage but the way things turns up nowdays is quiet worrying and curiosity is at high stake.
Guys, a well known fact is these days adults are much “contaminated” while they are in high schools or the worst can say while at varsities. Majority those who been graduated will agree with this sentence. Even though not 100% of them “contaminated”, but the figure is keep increasing. The transformation will just take place accordingly without any stoppage time period.

Leave a side all the those marriage that taken place with proper arrangements or happens genuine love story behind it. Anyhow,lets see how the marriage of sluts & crooks is been “engineered” up.

Guys called “Crook” cronology:

He will be entering varsity with the face of “booke” ( sort of nerd kinda face or innocent).. Then goes the session of introduction and end up in one of the campus.After some period of so called introduction weeks, this guy will start to mingle with “contaminated” seniors and start to step in clubbing lifestyle or so called night life. Well, when we say clubbing what else interesting if not chick and alcohols. So, consider heaven for those came from not a happening states, our macha will roll on with getting some different types of tobaccos and some even end up try drugs.
In fact, for varsity gradings, after 3 to 4 years instinct our so called students can be categorized as “pro” for night lifestyle.
You know what, once successfully end up in good career, then he will prey for good gurls in the town. After some preying months or years, some how 1 innocent gurl will sangkut with him and end up living for the rest of life. He is consider already tasted many pussies but want a virgin now. Could you guys think the impact the so called innocent gurl committed?

Gurls called “Slut” cronology:

Same introduction of guys in varsity and will go thru with all the above mentioned session. Once been hooked up with some “experiance senior” this gurl will start up with applying weird make up we called it, then goes on with clubbing habits and alcohols as well..and not to forget will start to mingle with “hungry boys” which been introduced to them by those “qualified slut” friends around. What else balance?…after clubbing + alcohol+smoking = SEX will be the ultimate experience for them.The biggest advantage for women’s is, they can ” transform” them self from “wild hen” become “home chick”.
These activity will move on for the period of solid 3 years and above till they graduated. After that as usual, the parents will find a “victim” I called it; for her or she’ll make sure any nerd will fall for her. The worst part, the moment this ex-slut fall for him and accept his love,its the best ever moments in his life.”Paala kainga thosai sutte pinbe evare ready avare”
(after the slut been fucked few times, this guy will start prepare himself as the next person OFFICIALLY).

Dear all, see this is the current marriage life of those innocent being end up? Yaare senja pavam ethu? (Who responsible for this sin happens to innocent humans?) All we can hope is, the innocent partner shouldn’t get to know all this after their marriage as this will really spoil the entire life and days they need to live together with this “cannibals”.

Eventually, all this cant be controlled especially if its so called love marriage. In between, for any arrange marriage means, its quite possible as they will do some research around the area to know hows the person character and lifestyle.More over the unacceptable things is, they will even have some criteria to those want to become their life partner just because they are varsity graduates. “Peh pundenggala! theru nai mari suthi te unake nalla ponne mapillai kekutha?” ( You crook and sluts!! after you fuck around with just like street dogs now want a innocent bride or bridegroom is it??)

Ironically, the best among the best is, after marriage or after being tied up with someone, here goes the happy life of Sluts and Crooks…by portraying married to or..in relationship with…at F.A.C.E.BOOK profile.. :p …

…and for all successfully married Crooks & Sluts, somehow your turn to be cheated is coming soon..!

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