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Fickle minded MLM disorder patients = “Make Life Miserable” for friends!

Fickle mind is something related to people whom unable to stand with firm decision. Yes…I have come across many people and this is not something to say as character issue but it becomes kinda disorder for certain people..
There are many with this mentality…Ok ok!…its your own bloody problem right…Yes I do aware about it…
Anyway this will become nuisance when you start to convince people to follow the same…
The issue Im gonna focus is the people who venture in MLM business of their choice screwing own friends time and energy…

Guys..its not wrong you venture in MLM business..and even it will turn up a successful life journey shall you put heart and soul in it.. Hard working and thick skin needed to be on of the successful people in this industry.

All is fine…now the issue is why you assholes always want to pull in your friends whom already become your supporter and get fucked up in your previous MLM experience. You never realise right you bring them in the business and force to attend so called meetings in various places and end up they need to either sell the product or get in new members..Some MLM even worst, they will charge you high membership fee and the best part is you will be fucking energetic when you attend the meeting for the first time. You will be exposed to so called successful people with multiple motivational speech, driving big cars with photographs in their bulletins, as this is one of the strategy to win or attract people to fuck around in this group…and ready to fuck public mindset out there who is leading a nice peace full life with handsome income; just nice for their saving and lead daily life.

Basic way to pull in people in MLM:
– call friends and say ” Cha naa ore puthu biz plan vecehreke da..correct ta follow pannum, 6 masathele valve maridum daa!!”
(bro, I have new biz plan to share, if we really follow then within 6 months out life will be changed!!)

– call friend and say ” dai intha varum sani kalamai free ya da?? namba meet pannevum..mukiamana matter eruke daa..”
(bro this week you free ah? got something important to disccus about”)

– call friend and say ” Naa unn kitta ore biz patti pesenum la..so far intha biz le than la naa kaase paaka mudiyuthu..Nee try pannea..unakum teriyum..serious sa di..” (
(I have venture in biz and this biz really can see money ady..try and see”)

When your good friend calling and say something like this, we will cancel all important appointments just to listen to our so called friend who needs us…Anyway when you meet up on the day and your friend start to fuck by his mouth, then you know he is asking you to sell something by convincing you the product is fucking good in the world or call in other friends of yours to join in the group!!
The feel is really fucked up at that point of time ( you know what I mean if you been a victim before)..

Guys…come on!! friends are someone very helpful,reliable at any point of time and in any situation. This is called true friends.. Anyway I can bet you that many of this people screwed their good friendship just by bringing them to this kinda things. Again, it is worst when they keep changing the business type even though its same fucking MLM.
Yenda intha maire polape?? “Nenngalum olunga seiya matingga…kutali kitti te vanthu avanayum pesiyea adipinnge..”
(You guys wont do it properly and you will kill you friend by keep talking about this again and again)..

See..I NEVER SAY MLM IS WRONG!! If you are really ready for the challenge THEN STICK TO THE BUSINESS TILL YOU SUCCESS.. DONT BRING IN YOUR FRIENDS FIRST AND CONVINCE THEM THAT THEY CAN BECOME MILLIONAIRE WITHIN SHORT TERM PERIOD AND YOU FUCK OFF WITHIN 2 MONTHS!!.. Our people already so greedy in their daily life..and when someone come forward and say you are the next moron millionaire in next 6 months; thats it! Every luxury things start circulate in their mind and they get ready to find another innocent friend in their list…

In between all this there are many syndicates now to earn money fast..This is even worst!! totally illegal and you might end up in jail if things really become out of hand.
It just crossed in my mind now..Even at this point of time Im writing…pretty sure out there someone eagerly would be busy fucking another friends ass about this MLM and convince him to fuck another victim soonest…

Eager to become successful person in life is not wrong, but do it in proper way. Stay on in the business (of course legal one). Build your confidence first before try to do build for others.

Guys and gurls out there.. do not get cheated with this kinda nuisance I called and get more info before sign up for any MLM… DONT LET OTHERS DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO IN LIFE..YOU DECIDE!

and for the MLM fickle minded morons..I have only one phrase for you if you approach me ” Dont expect me to fuck spider!!!

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  1. December 4, 2011 at 11:37 am

    Oh my GOD! Thanks alot for posting this. Seriosuly, If they wanna do it, do it la…..dont force people who are not interested.

    Once a guy told me…..”You are soo humble, I wanted to make you a shining princess but since you dont want there is nothing I can do” just because I said I am not interested in MLM. Like as though if he tells me like this I will go join. Pfffttt….I am not that vain la…..

    Good post!! I love it

  2. December 4, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    so i’m not the only one who hates MLM… been forcefully dragged to these useless meetings a few times….

    • December 4, 2011 at 10:33 pm

      hahaha…i think majority of us been dragged… maybe you can write up better and further bout it soon… πŸ™‚

  3. December 5, 2011 at 1:30 am

    nowadays, when the mention business, i cabut je… already wrote about this… i kinda merged 2 things in 1 article… http://mysecrecy87.blogspot.com/2011/10/im-just-not-interested.html…..

  4. December 9, 2011 at 1:43 am

    So true!!! I couldn’t agree more wei.

  5. December 16, 2011 at 8:46 am

    blog. Just can’t wait to share with my friends about it. Fantastic!

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