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The Classic Backstabber…

Here comes the hot topic Im writing up..

First of all, Im wondering do anyone able to identify backstabber’s face? I wish can identify them before they play the game…

Its all about people mentality when comes to appreciation,loyalty and how you get fucked up with so called good people at the initial stage and end up reveal their true colours at final endings.

Recently 1 guy joined my company as forwarding executive. He is father of 4 kids and leading a moderate lifestyle.
He was jobless for 8 months and been introduced by forwarding manager to assist in forwarding department.

In the interview after all formality session; at one point of time,my MD asked him “do you have any issue to start work immediately?” since he was not working for sometime.
This asshole fast reaction was come up with his sad story saying that he owe someone RM5000 and need to settle them. Out of sudden MD told him will pay for him and he no need to pay him back. He even ask account manager to give cash cheque to him just to make sure he can start work immediately without any problem.

Shocked with my MD’s reaction, this guy burst out with tears saying that he will never forget my MD and will work till he die for him..and the situation something like he will carry my MD balls where ever he goes from the day onwards.

Ok..all was well and the problem started last 2 weeks when he was given RM900 to pay for some shipment charges. This guy took this money and didnt pay for it and he just “buat bodoh” about it.
After 1 week, my forwarding manager asked him what happen to the money and he insist already paid the money. Stupid asshole right??? It never crossed in this mango idiots head that my forwarding manager will check with the people.

So, as you guys can predict, this bastard didnt pay back the money even after forwarding manager gave him one week to repay back. Then he took MC for few days and went missing..

Today, we receive back the handphone given to him with sim card, and guess what??
We found resignation letter was written in torn letter and kept in handphone box itself!!
Now you guys tell me..he sounds as true mother fucker right?? How cheap he can be for his behaviour…
The least he should take effort to come over and handover the resignation letter in proper way right.. ( eventhough he knew that he is man without balls )

How to be a Religous person without a Religion

Big salam to all…
Above title is something really makes me to pen down even though its Saturday night…and that is “soda” night mike.. 😛

Well lets go to the topic…I have met up with this interesting person whom actually Im reporting to him in my organization. Anyway he had resigned yesterday for a simple reason.. HE WANTS FREEDOM AND NOT GOING TO WORK FOR 1 YEAR!…

This guy is down to earth but yet no nonsense guy when comes to perfection in each and every task taken place.
Recently, we have opened up a topic about spirituality and religion.
My first question to him was what religion he is and he answered I dont have religion and I dont follow one.
After some confrontation with him..I’ve give my thought about it here.

As a well earned person with steady income and not married till now..he is leading a life as it comes his way….but what was make me to look at his stand his the reason he gave me why leading a life without a religion.

Every religion got its own principal on how to carry on it with full of devotion. In fact there is no religion without morality aspect. Hence, for a person to follow a religion PERFECTLY he must obey the basic criteria by saying BIG NO NO to do not drink alcohol,smoke any cigarette, fuck women, betrayal etc etc..
Ethu ellam sathiammaaa?? ( damn it how possible it is??? )

Is it possible to perfectly practise the teachings in this modernized world which is full of sin and betrayal? 🙂
We should ask ourself. Example those ventured in business, they have to practise petty lies to customer in order to gain profit. It same goes to others even in the daily life we lead.

Real example is take his own situation. He been approached by a monk asking him to become a devoted Buddhist. This took place because this guy spent his leisure time with helping orphanage kid in homes and take part in some charity occasions. Further to add on, even though by his career portfolio, he is an regional manager for a well known organization, he never fails to go orphanage home nearby his house for housekeeping and when I say housekeeping its including washing bathrooms and sweeping!

This is what makes me to think deeply where do I stand and what is my contribution towards people whom really plenty of them needy out there.
Guys….how many of us practise this kinda life in this living world? 🙂

The part is, when he been confronted by the monk he challenge the monk asking how many of us practising as real Buddhist? What he meant is majority of us guys do drink alcohol and smoke cigarette. That is already prohibited in religion. So dont that sounds cheating yourself and the religion you practised when you claim yourself as a Buddhist?
This was his exact answer to the monk and the monk didnt anything and move out from there with great respect for this man.

Namba ellam enna seirum ippo? We claim ourself as Indian and practised Hinduism. We been taught how deep Hinduism is but yet we do alot of things againts the religion itself.
Ironically its all depends how we take this to our mind and give it a good thought for it.

Of course I didnt encourage anyone to lead life without religion or dont practise or follow any one of it.
The things is… when we say religion, its really pure and need deep devotion to practised it.

So if you think you’re doing the right thing….then go ahead with it..or else if you are not fully follow the rules as the religion should be practised…then dont cheat yourself and claim you are a Hindu, Muslim,Buddhist or Christian.

You know why????? because end of the day all the religion carries and need high morality and integrity to adopt one or to practise it with full devotion.

Im not a great religion follower also because Im just another asshole who still claim as Hindu but do all the sins together…

When Serial Drama Masala becomes Our Community ” Masalah”

Yes! Its all about the serial dramas Im gonna spill out..

This is my first article after sometime and this one is pending for long in my mind.
What is happening nowdays in almost each Indian household especially on prime time? Nothing else than serial drama been aired for the devoted viewers who stick their butt in front of TV.
Now the point is, what is happening mostly in this dramas? Its nothing than fucking fighting within family members which will be prolonged for many days…opss it actually lead to months and some dramas lead to yearssss! Kadavuley mudiyilea paaa 😦
The worst thing need to be noted in those dramas which our people enjoying is pointed as below:

– How to fight within family members
– How to use suitable bad words in front of kids to fight.
– How to seperate united family
– How to fuck and screwed others life.
– How to dig neighbours story and make it a big release of the day.

Guys… this list can prolong even longer!
Why our elders can be so attracted to this dramas is still 1 million dollar question when it basically talking about same thing again and again and the best part is they not get bored with this sickness but in fact become more addicted :S
See…I never say we cannot watch those dramas..the kids honestly eventually learning all the bad “serial mantra words” from this. Below was simple example for what Ive said..


Scene: at police station.
Scene Actress: First wife and Second wife

First Wife: Naa unnum unna mari adetevengga kumbathai kedekereve illai!
( Im not a problem creater for in other life…)

Second Wife: Hahahaha..naa unna mari mollamari illai kevelema poi kes poderatheke unn mele..
(Im not like a con women like you to file a false case on me)

First Wife: Naa nalla kudumbathil porentheve..
(I came from good family background)

Second Wife: Enn kitta vecekitta..un nelama kadasiyilea pichakarii than..
( If you want had with me, then youll be the women beggar..)

Then the scene continue shows the second wife goes off and say bye to the first wife and utter “Bye Pichakariii”..

Grrrrrr….. Photobucket

Anyway all above its just my personal view of what Ive observed and end of the day its evryones choice of viewing what they liked.
Whatsoever..its a good programme for who ever want to be a good bad mouthing person or to train their kins to become one..
A intensive class viewing of 10 episodes shall shape up a person to successfully bring down another person in life.. 🙂


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Im back!

Almost a year plus ready I shade off from blogging due to work commitments. It was tough for me spare minutes for it. Further to add on and the worst, I do missed good write ups from my favourite bloggers around as well..
Forgive me kaingaley.. 😛

Shall gear up now onwards!!!!!

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