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Spiritualism…The way Im looking at..

SPRITUALISM…A topic that probably big as sea..or small as a drop of water…
Well here I would like to share my point of view about it because Im still searching on it and follow on the right path…

First of all…in this planet we have lots of religion and believes and each of it is jusytifying on its on way for the believers.
Now come to basics, we as normal human being, whom born in this world without any single desire growing by time to time with feeding of desires by parents..I mean we been taught of good moral life, feed our self, dressing to hide our “manam” and become a well respected in life by others meaning get good education and job to survive, earning as much as you can monetary wise. Not to forget to pray to whom and what religion need to followed.
Well, from all above, we will lead our life as what we are today..rushing for healthy n happy life..wealthy life too till our last day comes.
My question is, are we here doing and leading a correct way of LIFE? Is that what the reason we are here? Do all the humans in this world got true respect towards each humans born in this world? With only 30% consist of earthly life..humans all fighting for their religion, fight for their family and try to say their GOD are the best. After all at the end will die and dont even not bothered to know what is real life living about.

Now, this is in my mind says when we born, yes we will be feed with all needs as perfect human being as been said above.However, when you grow older and have own mind start to think independantly, I believe we can judge already on what is the REAL thing we need to do as HUMAN IN THIS PLANET WHILE LIVING A SO CALLED LIFE.

– DESIRE FOR YOUR OWN MORAL VALUES NOT MATERIALISTIC DESIRE…means try to make other happy whoever linked with you or came across in your life. Grow basic values that dying in human within you, MORAL,LOVE,CARE,HELPING HAND,FEED THE NEEDS,ADOPT AN ORPHAN CHILD AT LEAST 1 CHILD EVEN you capable to have 10 childs with your spouse regardless any race or religion.

Personally Im wondering is it a MUST to go Temple only and not to Mosque or Tokong? I dont know honestly..I believe its an option because going to mentioned divine power places not vital as the divinity value is actually always within us.
Your athma “manasatchi” is doing wonders and the character of GOD is actually within you. Below are the few example things we do in our daily life and that also NATURALLY without any GURUJI OR GODMAN instruction.
1.When you walk around,you came across a broken glass on the road..and you will take n throw it away from walking path rite?
2. When you see beggar is begging for money,you in sudden will fork out money and put on his tray..
3. When someone ask for donation for their child sickness thru emails or advertisement in news or paper,you too will fork out some money and donate..even if you dont donate, atleast a kind of natural feel sorry or sad to hear this news and you wish to help kinda feelings will arise rite?…

THIS IS WHAT I CALLED GOD’S NATURE WITHIN US. 🙂 I honestly dunno its rite or wrong Im saying this but this is what my personnal feel about it..
What I mean is you can pray as been taught to you in life and pray to whom you want,explore it, love it all the times and cherish the value in it being a Hindu,Muslim or Christian but the most important thing is do seek and feel another religion within yourself since you’re in your mom womb itself..That is HUMANISM VALUE. 🙂
A humanitarian value is also a religion that lies within all human in this world which is lacking day by day and lead this world to end of it.
Yes!! If this value been realised by all living being in this planet, I think there wont be anyone will be hungry for food, no one will be so called orphans, no revenge,no fight, no wars… and can add more NOOOOSSS on negative values.

The real spiritualism that I feel we all need to realise and devoted is first of all humanitarian kinda value. If this fundamental value is implimented within us no matter when it happens or we realise it..I believe all above mentioned wrond doings will vanish one fine day.. After all our living days been granted in this world hardly never cross more than 100 YEARS..if yes also not many yaa..
Well within this bloody short term all going towards fighting for their RELIGION,CONTRY,FAMILY, AND EVEN FOR THEMSELF.
Sometimes, I do wonder how selfish is HUMAN can be including me as well 🙂 ??!…..

I dont want to elaborate more on this things..
I just can hope all of us do think about this and be more fair to all humans in everything we do..and..

As I my title says..the way Im looking at SPIRITUALISM is not only about talking and going into ones religion deeply…but self awareness of this basic fundamental values starts from all the great end of Spiritually Realization that the world is talking about nowdays 🙂

I bow down to earth and say sorry to anyone I would have hurt…but still stand ahead on the way we should look at the world people moves on their own agendas..

Above is a basic Tamilian looking at spiritualism as a normal HUMAN BEING ..Eppadi 😉

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When our teenage boys and gurls wanna behave like ADULT!

Well, guess above topic was in my mind for sometime but keep forgetting to update about this nuisance always..At all the time when Im just observing this teenages on their behaviour and especially strucked at any functions.
The way they carry themself is just disgusting and sometimes its funny as well…Below are some signals of the way they behave:


Non shaved moustache or beard even though its just start to grow here and there on the face..They dont intend to shave and at that point of view, its just look like a human in cat face… ( misai kucing laa machi…)
Intereference on adult conversation..Yes!! when there are group of adult talkin about something, they intend to take part of it and end up talk rubbish in between which will eventually will lead them to become a centre of laughing stock or else get scolded with the elders.
Smoke and Drinks…this another trademark they want to show off and end up they will look like clown by the 2nd can of beer! Maire mari erukum munja pake..
– Try show MACHO MAN view end up look like MUNCHIN MONKEY..

Above is guys…now come to Gurllsss…

Excessive make ups.. Yes! Sometimes just looked like a witch in making but age is just like attain puberty yesterday..
Lipsticks is normal…but not to extend of colouring the whole face till look so weird..but for them theyre the latest chick on the block..
Carrying handbags..Sound like normal but actually not! Carrying hand bags on every places looks like a “MAMA selling chicks” the differents is “MAMA” got “vettalai dappa” but this gurls got handbags!!
Body language…Another disgusting thing that been observed usually..What I meant is walking style and chest up matters..Jessica Alba also not a competitor for them in terms of walking… “antha aate atungge edupa!!”

All above is kinda so called adulteries facts they will do just to show they are growned up and this trend is keep happening to a level whereby even standard 6 to form 3 pupils nowdays!!!
I have just 1 thing to say to this groups…” You are in the level that even dunno how to fuck properly,so dont get fucked up in your entire life just to show you are ADULT 😉 because there are alot of “chicks hunter” out there and counting to destroy your life and for guys, there are lot of smart gurls and criminal rowdies to make you just looked like a stupid nut at the end of your days..

Harsh rite…YES IT SHOULD BE HARSH FOR “budak budaks” like this…Got it?..Well think about it.

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Family relations interference in our own bloody life…

Good day today…

I have nothin much to do in ofis today…so feel wanna write something about relations…I mean namba family sonthakaravengga than… 🙂

Yes! that was in my mind…Honestly this kinda every issue will be related to relations when we want to take some decision in life..and UNIQUELY…ONLY IN OUR INDIAN FAMILY MAJORITY HAPPENING LIKE THIS 🙂
Ethe senjalum avan enaa solevan …evan enna solevan ne ore mandai vali…

I crossed this in my family many times..whatever things we want to do and if its not usual matter then parents immediately will say “what our ppl will say if you do this ah”.. Yes!!! HONESTLY i dont understand this formula of parents..

Im not saying parents is wrong but giving relations or relations kids on how they doing in life is totally sickening for me!!
Example, when I wanted to study private college, my father told me just like below converse:

Me: Appa , I wan to study at college for this course..
Father: Yenda course se? go lar study fomr 6 and enter university…
Me: College pona kude can go university paa.
Fathee: Venam venam…Kavitha akka paru ( my cousin la) university poiyee grad pannirici…Neeyum antha mari poi padichi grad panne..
Me: Aiyoo…Illai paa akka veke form 6 seiyanum aasai…thats why she go and do it..Enake form 6 venam paa…kastama ellarum sodrangga..I want do course..
Father: Kuttali peca ketekitte pesathey nee…Olunga form 6 padi da…aprum public unversity polam..

I tell you ah at that point of time ahh wat was in my mind you know?? ” Sonthakaran enna senjalum maire mari nambalam seiyanum pole…” Talai eluthe da raammmaaaaaa….(akka padikuthe x2 solli ennai mukka vecithangga.. 😦 )

At the end…I did la form 6 and ending screwing myself… hehehehhee…sonthakaran kathai enake soga kathai achi.. 😛

Parents actually telling things to us in order we will be better person in life…well understand and I dont blame them as well…BUTTTTTT taking relations as example is damn sickening I tell you..

My point of view is our parents should give priority for the kids ambition rather than consider relations remark on us and it can be any matter also..not only studies wise….

Ethu ellam yenniki mare poguthooooo….

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Office Politics..A hidden virus in most organization.

Office politics is something very comment in our country. As far as I know since I changed job in many places still this fucking shit still around and making its wave towards downfall of the company..Why this cannot be treated?
Well, from my point of view its nothin than misjudge a staff while giving in some role and responsibility.
Secondly, grouping in company..the moment a few staff start talking and they find comfortable to each other, there is where this virus will take part. One another will start about negative points of ther another couleagues..eventually those not “satu kepala” with them.Thus, a flow of bad things will circulate among them till one of the team member in the group start feel something is wrong on what theyre talking about. This “blackship” will start to do his part la…This fellow will go and pass the message to the mentioned bad party.
Below is example of conversation of this matter:

Staff 1: Yendi, evan terinthavey maatana??
Staff 2: Yaare di?
Staff 1: Athan…antha mala korangge…kadepa than eruke athodey…eppa paaru ennai yea korai sollum..
Staff 2: Ohh…athuvaa..nee mattum illai ellarekum athe pudikathe…enna seiya velai naale pesamey eruken…
Staff 3: Athu velai athu seithulaa…anaa enakum kadepathan erukum ( this is the mentioned blackship)

Another occasion:
Staff 3: Hey naa un kitta onne solleven but keep it yourself seria..
MalaiKorengge: Ennathu…??
Staff 3: Nolaa…anniki staff 1 & 2 kude sapede ponen…they talk about you laa thats y…
MalaiKorengge: Amavaa! Enna sonnicinggaa laa?
Staff 3: Hey enn pere keduterathingga seria…Nan than sonnen solathingga please…
MalaiKorengge: I know you la..dont worry I wont tell..

Then start la staff 3 part of operation done and will elaborate more on the issue till this makes one and another will have grudge till affect the performance of each of them..not to mentioned on their relationship la which eventually become cold ready.

See, all this shit is happen because of eagerness to find wrong thing from others but always dont realise they themself have a very bad attitude within them.

Eventhough above is a example of a group of gurls conversation…guys also same thing! Sometime even worst than gurls..

This fucking character is almost in every company..this virus cannot be cured unless the virus itself become neutral..You got what I mean?
Yes.!!! the person who spreading and start to talk bad should stop it, then only this kinda childish attitude will not arise.

VELAIKI VANTHUMA….VELAI SENJOMAA…POIKITEE ERUKANUM…like one says of Malays” jangan sibuk jaga tepi kain orang”
some kind of words they use..True wat?!

In tamil, ” aduthavan suthe paakama un suthe mattum paaru” 🙂

Lastly just to say when sometimes we mentioned grow up…it really matters physically and MENTALLY 😉 .

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Wedding with Jadagam approval..Is it vital?

Vanakam Vanthanam to all kaingals..romba nala achi site pakkam vanthe.. well bit busy with my working schedule..Anyway I have a topic to spill out eventhough its a bit old plague yaa… 🙂

We all knows how our Indian weddings been done all this while.Its will happen by arrange marriege or love marriege..No matter what there is this virus called “jadagam” been consulted before get final approval.
Im not here to question what about jadagam and the truth behind it…but how efficient and workable this so called jadagam is my question.
People used to say if jadagam not ok then the couples will end up break up or will not be happy after all..
Now, how many dubukes that got consult jadagam and end up veryyyyy much so called happy marrige life.

Lets take a REAL case study as below:

Case 1
Guy A got 10 porutam, got car and house then got all the “tools” la required to get married k..but he aso have “naga thosam” Then here comes gurl with 10 porutam also to be married to this guy A but since the guy A got “naga thosam” so some parigaram been done by this temple priest cum “thosam eraser” to “erase” this thosam and get the couples married off..Finally they tie the knot as per arrangement by family members, I mean “internal broker” la k..After few month this guy A died instantly by road accident! So now, who is the person to be pointed out? Is the “thosam eraser” or the “internal broker”???

Case 2
Guy A fell in love with this gurl B and they were in relationship for few years till they inform parents about their status and the parents start their “traditional vetting arrangement” with getting both parties jadagam and sort it out..The result not favour again for the gurl B now due to she has “seva thosam”..So those guy with “seva thosam” only can get married to her. Since this guy A din give a fuck to the jadagam matter, he procees to married this gurl and now they happily married for 14 years with 3 kids.. Now, is this guy A smart or the so called jadagam failed to attack this couples life??

Well peoples…we all need to know 1 thing, for my point of view, when you have decided to get married with someone you like then dun give a fuck for jadagam as it might screw your entire well planned life…but if you are a person give some serious taughts for this jadagam matter then dont go around and say fucking “I Love U” word to innocent people who trust you all the while in your relationship…Honestly this kinda assholes should been marked as “jadagam jandhus”..

Again for arranged marriege couples, if you have current problem with your marriege life dont come and blame your so called jadagam failure as in reality you dunno how to take care your fucked up marriege life…

After all, I do believe “mana porutam” all meaning heart to heart understanding and a positive way of taking problems should lead to a very much happy married life. Leaving loved ones from this world is not been planned but happen as it is nature called off.Further to add, by checking and sorting all jadagam needs does’nt guarantee you a happy marrige life with 200 years!
Unnum solla ponaa…intha jadagam ore logic matter ra terileh…anaa confirm ah ore tragic ending ah mattum teriyuthu..
Apprum yenna hair ke ethe seiyanum?? :S

Lastly…varthai tappa ponicina manicerengge…yenna enake tappana visiyum tappa pesithan palakam 😉

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