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Rajinikanth – A man with split personality?

Famous Tamil actor Rajinikanth, who created a sort of new trend and style in acting, has over the years become an icon of Tamil cinema. His phenomenal success as an actor is unrivalled in the world of films. He is more of a Tamil actor. Yet his fame has spread as far as Japan in the east and UK in the west transcending all national boundaries. His blockbuster Tamil films ‘Annamalai’, ‘Thalapathi’, ‘Baasha’, ‘Muthu’, ‘Arunachalam’, ‘Padayappa’, ‘Chandramukhi’ and ‘Sivaji: The Boss’ have all been dubbed and converted into Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada language movies which also became super duper hits. Tamil actor Rajinikanthโ€™s mannerisms like flipping a cigarette onto his lips or spectacles on his eyes or lighting a cigarette or his flamboyant dialogue delivery have all generated a sort of mass hysterical adulation for this sensational iconic Tamil actor called Rajinikanth. Remember his famous punch lines ‘Naan oru dhatavai sonna, Adhu nooru dhatavai sonna madhiri’ [If I tell once it is equal to telling 100 times] from ‘Baasha’ and ‘singam singla thaan varum’ [Lion comes alone] from ‘Shivaji’ which still ring in the ears of legions n legions of his fans. The dialogues look simple but coming from Rajinikanth in his flamboyant style, they take a frenzied notoriety creating a mass hysteria among the millions of Tamil film audiences. Tamil actor Rajinikanth is undoubtedly the biggest star of Tamil cinema.

Apart all above commercial cinema world with full of glamour and happening environment on daily basis…..he has his another life…A spiritual life…A life with full of calmness and bliss..Just wearing a torn vesti..he towards climbing a hill kinda place and had his meditation there..( I have seen in 1 article) Check out the video below..

What kinda split personality he is? ๐Ÿ™‚

I am not a Rajinikanth diehard fan and Im not againts Rajinikanth as well…but feel attracted to his way of life..

Any comment on this? ๐Ÿ™‚

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Car modification – The way our kambathe machans and sarekes do..

Car modification is something very common for us as we can see daily on the road. What is caught on ma mind is the way our machans will modified their car.
Guys, modification to our car is normal but I bet you all would have came across a normal wira looked like other car already due to heavy modification..Anyway our guys have their own way of modification and it will show the ID as the car belongs to our machan and sareke car..
Here we go:
Criteria for our machan car modification:

(pick for decor purpose only)
– car lowered, if cannot afford for sports spring than our fellar will cut the spring by inches
– must have colour lights for the car outside…normally it will be blue or even green in colour.
– exhaust pipe kaw kaw till the sound can blow your ears..but car horse power would be hardly 1.3cc standard only.
– got stickers sumwer on the body of the car. Mostly “Nike” sticker noticed..

Now our sarekes will do modification as below:

– lotsa toys for sure at behind or hanging on side windows, normally Tweety and Mickey Mouse..
– car will be no major modification but can see the car is clean always mostly compare to guys..
– colour lights avail as well but it will be more to interior lights at dashboard or behind.

(pick for decor purpose only)

If we focused on it, modification of car is done for the best reason owner knows which has its own positive and negative point of view as well…

Self satisfaction comes first for some people as they claim ” yen panam..yen kaadi..yen dabbe” so can do anything the owner want.
Well understand above dialogue and also some claim its pure waste in modifying car as its value for money decreased only.

Honestly I dont blame both party and its their own wish..but I tell you usually when on the road, just 1 look at any car pass by.. my prediction is always correct that the owner is the Indian guy or gal driving their baby proudly.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Manasatchi – A closest friend of ourself or the most dangerous influencer?

In Tamil we call it manasatchi and in English we call it your innings and in Malay you called it suara hati.
Now, the matter is how far it can be turned to our favour and vice versa? I bet most of us already gone thru lots of situation whereby our decision that we have taken become a disaster for us and put us in deep shit. I tell you this is the time we feel so angry to ourself just because of our own decision.
Rather than listen to our friends or elders we will take decision of our own which lead to unwanted situation.Sometime it works sometime its not!
Yes,..there are times for me it happen just like that..for example,school exam time! When I dont know the answer Ill just tembak ikut suka hati la and this works as well eventhough not all the time laa.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Actually I decide to write about this topic because I had to decide something on my current logistic project …so Im bit confuse on what shall I do..Of course I do some analysis and almost on finalizing my decision…Anyway dont know why my manasatchi is sort of againts my decision.This might sound stupid for some people but it do happens to me.Basically Im confused I shall follow and do what I want or listen to friends or what else??..
When this kinda situation happens,there is where I start to wonder weather my manasatchi is closest friend of mine or the most dangerous influencer within me?

Oh my me.

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Handphone Nuisance

Handphone is sumting very important for todays world. Whatever we do,wherever we go,handphone is non forgotable item for us.
Now..well clear its very useful and important gadget buttt….usage of handphone especially at the places we suppose to look into settings in our phone..
Why?? Below is the main thing peoples always forgot to take note:
– set in vibration mood especially in silent places
– volume of ring tone should be at reasonable level ( not to a level like the ringtone not meant to alert the user, but the whole people around this idiot)
– talking terms..lower your volume as we dont want to hear your nuisance problems and updates.


Believe above situation we been gone thru for in our daily life. At the time im writing this, I was in hospital and 1 dungu fellow came and sit in front of my table at kafeteria…with sudden his phone rings!! imagine I almost drop my soya bean drink because of this fellows ringtones!! No joke! Really his ring tone ( I believe its China model phone since the ringtone screaming like hell).
The moment he want to answer, he can look at me and say sorry and give a nutty smile..I just showed a fake smiling face and continue my work..
Then again he give a me another shock, this time not the ring tone, but the way he scream and talk!!
Katteran katteran…urekey kekura mari katturan!!!…haiyoooo…Below was the exact conversation if I not mistaken:

HandphoneNut: Aaaahhhhh!! HALLOOOOOO!! yayayayyayaaa aku kat hospitalllll laaaaa…ko kat nerrrrrr??
Unknown reply….blablablabla
HandphoneNut:OKOKOKOKOK!! BOLEHHHH…masuk kan 2 scopeeee cukupppppp…
Unknown reply….blablballablabalb
HandphoneNut: Aku cakap masuk kan masuk kan jelaahhhhhh okokokokokkok…okok???? ahhhh okokokokokk byeee!!

Enna kodumai sir ethu???

Since he start to talk and believe me, till he ends most of the people in cafeteria just looked at him He keep screaming like although he want tell the world whole masukkan 2 scope and I dunno what the hell he talking about.

Till I end writing this, still Im wondering weather he well aware that all the eyes down there was on him looking at his attitude.

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