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Guruji – Do each and every human need this middleman to realise God or attain highest level of Spiritualism?

Maatha Pithaa Guru Theivam: A saying that we all learn from our parents. Anyway my understanding on guru part is someone who guide us to gain knowledge at any point of aspects. Whatsoever now the meaning is already been mislead.One calls themself as GOD and have group of idiotic ppl around this “GOD” to praise..
What the fuck?!!!

A human can turn around and become as GOD ahhh?? Are this people/ followers born mad or made up as 1?
Ok below is my understanding on this matter:
1) We know God whom been intro to us by our parents or caretakers.
2) Pray to God is basic…We ask for forgiveness on sin we have done.
3) Thank God on what ever good thing happened to us.
4)Pray to God and ask for everyone u know to have happy life.
5) You will have natural calmness kinda feelings when you are in temple.

Above all reason mentioned, most important reality is YOU HAVE TO DO GOOD TO YOURSELF AND PEOPLE THAT NEED HELP. Thats it.

Apart above yenna hair ke ore Guruji thedi athula avera Sami ah kumbedarathe??? Already have more than 1000 GODS in Hinduism some more want to add ahh?
I just dont understand this fucking formula.
The worst is some ppl called themself Guruji but having a lavish lifestyle and do apply charges to those want to follow them as followers!! Yenna kodumai sir ethu?

Neenga nalla vali katere Guruji ah illai nalla aale seire Guruji ahh??

I bet you a lot ppl outside there already have done tonnes of sins then they go to this middleman and ask for forgiveness and this fellow will forgive them instantly and tell them you can wash your sins by doing “good deeds” to him.
Then our ppl will eagerly follow their so called guru finger points till their end of life! The worst part is this so called ardent followers if you see at another part of their life they would have abandoned their real guru of all: PARENTS! to all this ppl I have greeting for them..” Fuck u and ur believe!

We can have guru but not a guru called GOD! As mentioned above guru is someone guide us to go right path in life…and that’s all about it. not pray to him and labeled him as GOD!

I have personally listen to one of follower of one famous samiyar la. Below is my conversation with him:

Follower: Bro do you do dyanam?
Me : Sometimes yes bro..but no time la as my nature of job like that.
Follower: How you do dyanam? Who is your guru?
Me : Enna kelvi bro ethu..I do dyanam as how everyone do laa..and I dont have any guru..y ?
Follower: Than you doing wrong thing bro as without guru you cannot dyanam!!
Me : Ethu enna jo puthu serial la eruke..My sibling who do dyanam and they guide me la..
Follower: Then you are wrong bro as no dyanam can be performed without guru ignition..
Me : Naa enna vandiya bro ignition key pothu start penne??
Follower: You are doing sin!!
Me : Then come and do with me! Aale ookathe daa maire..You do what you want and I do what I want.

Conversation ended there. Can you guys imagine the frustration on that point of time I go thru??… That samiyar knows I think 😉

Honestly I feel the so called GODMAN not to be blamed, but the “smart” followers…

Step down to real world my ppl! Grow up..wondering and sad too when this ppl all going to stop this nonsense and react rationally?
Anyway I have my own says what this spiritualist donkeys can do:
1) Believe your parents not so called samiyar porampoke!
2) Care for your parents not care for so called samiyar kaminatis.
3) Spent for your parents not spent on so called samiyar Sunnis..

Some says GOD is within us.I believe this is possible too.If it is so, then listen to yourself always and do things as what your heart says..Dont find broker in between..
Further, for me Ill prefer seek my kaingals for advise or opinion than look for orange khakis..

Guys, dont misunderstand on what I have said here, those days saints still living in everyone heart for their sacrifice on needy and poor ppl. They too never call themself GOD BUT BEEN INTERPRETED AS GOD. Who did this? Again the followers…Okla their wish..but dont la go around recruit member and convince all to follow what nonsense you do?!

I know my words are hardcore..but sometime some people need hardcore style laa.. 🙂

Parents than da unake ellamey…seek them,praise them,takecare of them…they are your real GURUS in this life..and to near the real GOD that you are seeking for to attain highest spiritualism level…
and stop looking for middle man and start show your middle finger to all those man.. 😉

p/s: tappa pesena manicerengga..manikatinalam paravalai yenna enake antha kavalai maire um illai…

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Many Stars but one movie – When?

Below is what Ive read in an article that makes me to publish here..

Just imagine somebody remaking ‘Sholay’ with Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan playing Amitabh and Dharmendra? Or our own ‘Thirisoolam’ remade with Sarath Kumar as the father and Vijay and Ajith as the two sons. Wow! Isn’t it? Kollywood has many talented actors and surprisingly they are very reluctant to come together for a single film. Actors are ready to play cameos but still not ready to do a parallel role with another hero. Why is that so?

In Hollywood and Bollywood we have seen great actors coming together for one film. The great stars were and are always ready to come together for a good script irrespective of their age and experience.

From Marlon Brando, Al Pacino to Jack Nicholson, Sean Connery to Richard Gere, Tom Cruise to Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp the list is never-ending. Films like A Few Good Men, Godfather, Catch me if you can, Departed are made more memorable also because of the perfect casting possible.

Even in Hindi cinema actors from Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra to the present Abhishek, Ajay Devagan to Salman Khan, Shahruk Khan and Saif all the saleable heroes have no second thoughts in accepting multi-starrers. Film like Sholay, Shaan, Saudaagar, Mohabbatein and many more were possible only with the ego less professionals.

But in Tamil multi-starrer films are rarer than one could imagine. Not just now, but even in those days the top two in the number game have never worked together. If you ask anybody which is the first multi-starrer film in Tamil, invariably most of the people would answer ‘Koondukili’. In theory they may be right as film admirers. But technically the may not be completely right as that was the time when the concept of super stars were emerging. Even when the triumvirate dominated Tamil cinema in the sixties we could see only Gemini Ganesan and SS Rajendran share screen space with other biggies. Even here while SSR managed with both MGR and Sivaji, the other Gemini Ganesan could do just one film ‘Mugarasi’ with MGR in his entire career.

After that the notable multi-star combination in Tamil was that of Rajini and Kamal. If you look closely even this pair broke after they both achieved individual stardom. Most of the Rajini’s early films before turning a solo hero were with Kamal Haasan. Apoorvaragangal, Moontru Mudichu, Avargal, Aadu Puli Aatam, 16 Vayainiley and Ilama Oonjaladugirathu. During this period even Kamal wasn’t a super star but was ahead of Rajini.

When Kamal and Rajini decided on the sets of ‘Ilamai Oonjaladukirathu’ not to work together again and make a separate career nobody could foresee the future. This important decision had its own pros and cons. But for the film buffs cons were more. Apart from a few cameos they both last came together for their mentor K. Balachander in ‘Ninaithale Inikkum’. In the middle when Ramanaidu was planning the multi-starrer ‘Thanikattu Raja’ Kamal was approached and he politely refused reminding them the decision he and Rajini took. Kamal and Rajini later combined with actors like Karthik, Prabhu but not with the likes of Vijayakanth, Sathyaraj. In the Hindi film ‘Geraftaar’ Kamal and Rajini worked together but there was no single combination shot in the three hour long film.

After Rajini-Kamal the super stardom did not belong to any two but there were many takers. Vijayakanth, Sathyaraj, Prabhu, Karthik, Sarath Kumar all of them had their share at different time. Of these Prabhu is the one who did more multi starrer than others. He and Sathyaraj had a few successful films together like ‘China Thambi Periya Thambi’ and ‘Palaivana Rojakkal’.

Vijayakanth and Prabhu did their only film together ‘Kaalaiyum Neeye Maalayum Neeye’. ‘Guru Sishyan’ and ‘Dharmathin Thalaivan’ with Rajini, ‘Vetri Vizha’ with Kamal. Prabhu was seen here there with all the people. Others in their initial stages of their solo career didn’t mind but once they started having their own fan following they strictly preferred to go on their own.

When we talk about multi-starrer films remember we are talking about popular main stream actors sharing significant screen space with another equally popular actor. Not just guest roles or cameo appearances.

So what is stopping Kollywood actors from coming together?
Above question shows one of the reason why Kollywood cant make it big in international screen and still behind Bollywood or even Hollywood…

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Tiruvila Fights – A never ending idiotic act

Tiruvila is a mass celebration and can say as yearly prayers in temples for Hindus and we have been seen its a colourfull event with the participants from all Hindu’s together.
Anyway when this kinda occasions been organized and going well with sudden we will heard kinda sound screaming and running riots and you will realise its nothing than a classic stupidity act by our Indian youth’s gang fight.

Im not going to ask why this people fight or for what f@@king reason behind it but definitely a million dollar question is preserved in my mind for sometime. “WHY THIS KAATANS CHOOSE TEMPLE AS THEIR FIGHTING LOCATION” ??? WHY WHY & WHY? Let it be thiruvila,concert,or thaipusam..sure this @$$holes will standby for this kinda fights..

If this retards wanna fight then go and fight la in jungle,hilltop or wherever that you dont become nuisance for publics but our heroes not like that..Is it because the wanna show their talent in fighting or some come kinda show off their so called braveness ( actually damn f@@king coward act )? Mairandingela yenda public disturb panniringge???
Guys…this is really a real nuisance been performed by our people and they not only hurting all but indirectly crowned themself as barbarians. Further to make things worst,they too make us feel ashamed when others looking at us as though we are so uncivilized people.
Honestly we just can hope this peoples will realise how stupid they’re act or else worst to worst they should die naturally soonest possible.
The worst and most sickening part is when an INDIAN WILL SLASH ANOTHER INDIAN. ” It sounds so disgusting isn’t it?

Further to add salt on this wound is…when at another side of the world some tamils (eelam tamils) fighting for their homeland eagerly, our malaysian tamils will fight to sell their dignity dearly..

Is this happens because of lack of education…or no proper parental guidance…or friends influence?? If you ask me all this possible to be a reason but the main reason is NO SELF AWARENESS at all..Dont even know how to differentiate good and bad behavior and dont know how to carry own self in proper way..

Kaingaley no more words to elaborate such a foolish act but just wanna say something to this kinda uncivilized barbarians…

Just hope the upcoming generation will throw all this acts and adopt better lifestyle and Sandai, Mandai pundai ellam valarke venam..arive valarpom kaingaley..

Lastly mudinjaa….

“1 Malaysia va kude erukevenam da…atleast 1 TAMILAN na eruka muyarchi pannungga daa mairandingelaa..!”

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Blur Day – Do anyone of you face the same like me??

I dont know if everyone got this problem or not but Im pretty sure Im facing this problem la once in a blue moon…
Start from the time I wake up today morning till now ( when writing this) whatever I do also also not coming to my favour…. Sakit la machi..
Went to work early but stucked in bloody traffic congestion..fine..then went for breakfast and at the shop ordered roti canai in return comes roti bakar!! WTF??

It never ends there.. went to lift pressed 3rd floor…end up at 5th floor…rupa rupanya I accidently pressed 5th floor!! Ennada ethu..

Athoda mudiyilea engge..

2 page report that Ive had done morning burn just like that..server shutdown.. could’nt save it and have to do all over again..

Kalai liyea erunthe till now ore blur kaingaley…

This kinda day appears once in a blue moon for me and that particular day just feel wanna sleep the whole day laa!!! Nothing much can be done as if I feel wanna do something it will end up nothing!! Enna kodumai saravanan ethu.. there anyway to runaway from this plague?

I just hope remaining moments for today will go as to my favour…yenna ennaley mudiyileyyyyy…aluthereven… 😦

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Friendship first or Your Lover First?

Life will be be going well and it will be more precious and enjoying when our friends is around..Go for shopping,sports or go for any occasions…frens the best company rite..but suddenly things will change in a guys or gurls life when someone special entered their life..
Yes.. once the lovemate there ady..thats it..the dilemma situation start to arise in our minds..and to make things worst same time our dearest fren and luv1ns will call for outing…hahahhaa…sakit machi intha time..

Situation 1:

Fren : Macha, vaada padam paaka povum..kaingaleke ellam call paniten..tonite mid show cha..
In luv macha: Confirm illada gathering eruke da…
Fren :Cantik macam bunga kainga bikin laa.. Dai family gathering ah illai sareke gathering ahh??
Aale seyathe da..
In luv macha : Serius sa daa maire..
Fren : Seri seri maire kalti udere teriyuthu..Tangge da…nalla tangge…

See.. do you think this in luv macha will be happy doin this?? not at all..same goes to the gurl as well..

Situation 2
Fren : Ennadi seire? Saturday shopping povoma..poi punjabi suit pakenum di tamanaa design vantherecam..
In luv Mohana: Illadi assignment eruke..intha varum hantar panenum..
Fren : Assignment ahh illada un aalode “assignment” ahh? 🙂

Hmm, same situation for the guy, this gurl aso will feel the same bad kinda feelings..

Now come to the fact, if you ask me actually be frank and bold la…let say if you have fix with frens to go out then say it out to ur luv1ns..I dont think so any f@@king 2nd taught u need to give for this..

Come on..there are some nuts out there still wan “tangeran” their lover and forgetting those a$$h@@les i just wanna say ” Fcuk ur luv and lover!”

Same goes to those dumb their luv1ns and dont understand their feelings as well..Always frens, frens and f@@king frens only comes first for them no matter wat…and for those people I do have nice says for you ..” Luv frens..fcuk frens.. shit wif frens oni nutty” and dont waste precious time for so called fake luv you said to her/he and hurt your luv1ns feelings as well..

Kaingaley, in life there are so many important things we need to do and priorities.. same goes to relationship..Equality of importance must been done for both side.. There is no way to put down ur frens and hike up ur lovers value and I tell you if you any have done this then you dont have any qualities to have 1 good fren.

Be frank on what we do things or decide that related to our relationship…either its frens..or lovers..

Natpo illai kathalo… dont try to differentiate it or give ranking for it.. as both should comes first to you..This can be only understood by those who really know how to appreciate this unique relationship because….

…..Both enters in our life naturally and its such a beautiful gift in life that hard to resist. 😉

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Kainga Casino…

The above topics seem weird isn’t it, well you’re wrong. When I decided to create the awareness among Indians than this was the first things had crossed my mind perhaps was happened couples of days ago. Whenever we saw threesome of foursome of Indian guys together than the first thing came in our mind would be oh look! “Indian gangs”. A pest to society, isn’t it?

I bet you, whenever there is an Indian wedding you will find a group of so called “kaigalz” (dudes) together especially on the eve of the wedding itself. The first items you most probably find on the table are some cheap liquors, cigarettes and definitely playing cards. They’ll play all night long up to dawn. The highlight of these scenario is, they’ll start talking to each other very loudly as time past by, the more liquors get in the more louder u can hear. We already knew the way Indians talk to each other is very loud. In this case it’s like a group of dogs entering you neighbourhood and waking up the entire housing area residents. Raining, no worries, in case there is a heavy downpour they’d have a shelter which is man-made canopy to cover-up their retard asses in the middle of housing area and blocking the roads. Somewhere in the middle of early morning you’ll heard some techno, some “kuthu” songs play out from our dude’s cars, vans, anything as long there is some “goyang kepala” indian’s version of R&B. Apart from this I’ll bet you “mellai…killai”…..”vetheke perese” “ooti pudhi”, which means, I bet up or down, joint venture, hmmm whatever, I can’t elaborate further.

Now let me bring you to another scene, death. Sounds horrifying and terrifying isn’t it.
It should be, as you can see on Indians funeral especially on the 14th days, according to Indians rites and rituals. And now the same concept applicable here, same canopy, same gad-gets, not to forget the playing cards. Everything is same as above except one thing meals are provided to each of our players by our victim’s family to pay tribute and their last respect to the death chap.

Here we go to another level, on 21st birthday but now days on every birthday, deepavali, Christmas, Chinese New Year, in most case whenever is public holiday.
But not for our players, they’re working very hard to earn something instead of sitting down for nothing. I can’t understand why only Indians are doing this on every occasion, not to forget Chinese, they also playing mah-jong but when, every occasion or once a while but where they’d played? is it in the middle of the road? I don’t think so. Prove me if I’m wrong. Indians mentality should be change they’re spoiling our dignity, not to blame the entire Indians but some kampong mali and estate chaps that live in city.

My blood people ( Indians,)lets stop this crap and grow up..we all can play…but don’t play at the wrong place..Honestly..Sickening.

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Indian’s business or mind your own business

Just roll back to century’s ago in Malaysia, Indians communities had struggled and strive for success from deep down. Began with normal labour, pave the roads and incise the rubber trees, there’s no doubt over it how much shit they went thru. Slowly they had developed and expand their business empire nationwide. All credits should be given to them for all their hard work and efforts towards their success nevertheless no support whatsoever from the government itself nor other’s.

Now let’s back to current world, what happened now days are really pathetic and annoying by certain Indian’s whose downgrade other Indians. Sound familiar isn’t it?
Yup you should. This had happened among us, don’t you? Come on be honest.
Whenever an Indian success in their life there will be another retarded Indians are ready to bomb their success by telling some negative aspect.

Let’s observe below scenario,

Example 1

An Indian fellar drove off with Mercedes s-class or BMW

“Indian 1: Look at this fellar, drove lampu bulat (refer to Mercedes s-class)”
“Indian 2: yup..i’ve noticed that. You know something? I knew this guy”

“Indian 1: “You’re sure?”
“Indian 2: Damn sure, That’s the guy last time selling drugs”
“Indian 1: No wonder he drove that car. His “kantao”(refer to strong connection) very big”

Example 2

“Indian 1: Look at the house, damn big like mansion.”
Indian 2: OMG!! That’s so big, I bet you it must belong to Chinese”
Indian 1: Nope. You’re wrong, its an Indian. Can’t you see the lemon tied-up at the entrance?”
Indian 2: amaleh ganja, sema panakaren poleh iruke(refer to OMG, this fellar damn rich)”
“Indian 1: Thirethethanama yethavethe pannirepen, ippo naala hidup ar aithan(refer to involved in illegal activities and now live comfortably)”

Example 3

Macha (M) SDN BHD

“Indian 1: ivveneke mattum yepedila, business varethe?(refer to for god sake, how he can get business”
“Indian 2: Yenggeyavethe ottai potherepan(refer to he hijacked or robbed something somewhere”

Let’s conclude above scenario in depth.

I’m sure all of you had come across this situation or been there atleast. I’ve crossed my fingers on it. You can see how this retarded people condemned without any gadgets nor weapons but eventually by tongue. I can’t understand why these peoples like to downgrade another Indians. They succeed, they progress, they develop by their bare own hand. We should respect them and take them as an example to follow. Not to fuck them by saying they involved in illegal activities, robbed the bank or any other negatives thoughts. If they really involved in such activities it’s their smartness and effort. Am I right? Not to said follow their footstep as long there is positive side of them than we shouldn’t resist but to follow.

Never downgrade other Indians success by simply sat down near “long kang”(drain) site or any coffee shop and gossiping or staring for no reason. Wake up Indians be yourself and motivate others. Saying is as easy as eating peanuts. Look after your ass in first place. Be proud to be an Indians, motive other Indians to succeed in our country. We are marginalized in many aspects and lets join together to support each others.

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