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So called RoadRacers..

Road racers.. yes,Im talkin about car racers on the road.. This people another nuisance group on the road that makes other drivers feel very annoyed because of their so call heroism attitude…Below is our kaingals will usually use as password to race.
“Machan vaa odevum..” than it will start la with all kinda zigzags and vrooms which will show their capability ends up in disability..

Kaingaley..odelam.. but you want do it means go la to circuit and do or if you really expert means than ok laa but race la at 3-4am at where less car moving around..but still its not something very good to do laa bcuz end of the day your fuel also “vroooms” together with your exhaust sound..

Im not advising here la.. but if can dont do this circus when most of the people who love their lifes still on the road..

Kaingaley..ore thadavaa adi patte ethavethe lost panna..appa teriyum di..

Im writing here with lesson learn from above habit I had last time..and now sitting and regretting for rest of my life..
So, drive your car gently and odelam..when you are on emergency mode..bcuz,..

Bed ley erukere kaingala namba paakelam…and you cant stop that..but..
Namba bedley erukera mari kainga pakama..we can stop that!

Life is precious daa…because athu ponecheena namba ashes daa.. 😉 …. (ethula punch vere! hehehe..)

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Pro and Contra On Ritual Rites..

Dear all,

Above title itself shows that I gonna touch on religious matter..Yess! absolutely. Nowdays alots of arguments,critics and suggestions going on for this kinda issue. I never heard this kinda things happening in Islam,Christianity and Sikhs and any other religion.

My question is why????…


Actually Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world which cannot be describe in 1 line..and we all well understand there is lots of Gods and rites in it..So our people down here since got lots of choice , you just pray la to whom you wanna pray.Dont go there n here complain n give suggestion that this God is powerful that God is not powerfull..What nonsense is this??

If you people damn good enough then shall do some research on Hinduism and get the answer why that ritual like that and this ritual like this..Or else do some dyanam as how some people do to grow your spiritual knowledge. The trend now is go and register in 1 organisation or samiyars. Then start to follow what they say..that aso oklaa..but the worst is start to pray to the samiyar and declare them as GOD?!!! then condemn other rites. Fuck! What the hell you  think you are??

While another group will go around and say Bodyguard Gods ( Kaval Theivams) are not good to prays and shall pray to some other GOD. What you knows about them?? You must understand some poeple believe solely on them.

Haisss..eppada terintha poringaa???

In this very life..we shall not do la..:

1) Stealing

2)Disgrace Parents ( Shall you have 1)

3) Rape/ indecent relationship.

4)Killing ( killing human oni la as Idont believe in saivaism)

Maybe more than above basic 4 I have given is applicable. Other than anything.. you can do wat yo u want.To whom you wanna pray or duwan to prays its you fuckin biz and do go around and confuse people.

Basic is you shall realize on what youre doing..either you hurting yourself and not hurting others. If you dont do this both and leading a healthy life is what I called a common spiritualism as well.

Again, Hinduism is a great religion with alots of sub cons..I mean in malay is alots of “cabang” so try not to condemn it ! If you want so go and get some facts and figures to prove it.Otherwise dont try to act smart assholes and spoil the reputation of Hinduism.

Let your bros and sis (calling overall as 1 INDIAN) have a happy spiritual journey they choose. You pray your way and other pray they’re way..Thats it all about.

Im not a fanatic Hindu man..but just a  gentleman whom cannot understand the so called drama been seeing in daily life style..

Valenggada…Vala vitte valengge..!!!

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With The Name Of Luv..This bastard will make her life to thrown in basket!

Exactly as said above…I just understand some guys intend to be in luv truly really…watver fuckinly with the gurl they luv till some times wen some unavoidable problems pop ups…thats it! they just will take oppurtunity to out frm this relationship and say babai to this poor gurl…whom she expected this asshole will be there for her oni and wont let her go from his life..

Just like how we eat orange fruit after sqeezing the juice…same way this guys will throw this gurl for their bloody on fuckin reason..

If this guys wanna do this to any bitches I myself dont mind..but this fuckers will do even for a gurl that thinks this guy is the so called dream man for them in life and whereby this guyz will clearly will proof this gurls taught is YES TRUE!! butttttttttt wait!, its not  BY MEANT TO MARRY THEM but  theyre meanin of”yes” is they are the man meant in dream oni..not in REALITY!

Out ther, why la you assholes doing this??? If you wanna play out a gurl means gently call them and ask for a date and then hapilly fuck each other later on…but dont ever say I LUV U and do this kinda shit to this gurls…but if you still have this lust  do then do it wif your bloody own sisters !!

Further to add cap on their evil charecterism, they will marry another women and will show to world they havin a wonderful life..!!! Let me tell something to this kinda so called man..

Gurls who ever affected out ther…

I wont say like any1 else why dont you find a true man but end up fixed wif  conman..No worries..I shall not pressure you wif this kinda statement…


THIS IS MORE WORST THAN EVER..imagine should know the impact especially as women…

Gurls again..

remember always and dun think this fellows are having wonderful life by marrying another gurl by dumping u and you start to hate GOD and urself…because..this GUY JUST END UP MARRIED TO ANOTHER BITCH and missed a wonderful marriege life to an angel like u.. 🙂

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Sometimes people dont take you as a count when comes to their interest..its very painful when it been done by your close1ns..

Hmm…its very true  I tell u ….I feel this almost all the times that when I intend to do something that I wanted but it will be something fucking chidldish for others…

When we do sacrifice lots of things from monetary wise till watever shit is posibble for them…they seems not bothered on watever toot ur likings and so on…

When we argue they say your selfish!!! ..but same time when we do things for them without any intention for reward back..they accept it full heartedly.. Wat fuckin justice is this???

If you feel wanna fight aso sure you wont do that rite??? Yes…you wont do that as you duwan to be labelled as the bloody stone hearted person rite and you worried people will get hurt..Hahhhaaaha…but fuck i tell u, no 1 is bothered bout wat u feel..

Try to understand this fuckin fact and lead your daily life as PEACEFULLY AS POSSIBLE..Maybe SACRIFICE IS WAY OF THIS FUCKIN LIFE.

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When watchin movie in theatre with disturbance!!

Yesss!!! this is another nuisance we have when we interestingly watchin a movie but a group of uncategorized creatures making noise behind you…n the worst always happen and sad to say..especially  when watch tamil movies…

I just dunt understand about this fucking nuts will come and make noise while we  watchin movie and make other in theatre uneasy when they suppose to keep their butt shut as they paid some bucks for it. Is worst when some of uncles and aunties come to theatre wif their kids and appothan intha kaminatis will talk all the adultery words on their presence…

When this bloody indian goin to change????? Oni GOD knows I tell u!! its damn sickening and sad when think some of this nuts spoiling of other kaingals name when come to watch movies..Dai!! terinthegelenda???? If wanna fuck arounf wif frens then dun come to theatre n do it..

Try to be a respected indians KAINGALZ la butt and create some gud name for indians overall…

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When you feel your luv ones cant understand…


Above is almost everytime happens in ma life..haiss..I just dont understand yyyyyy,,,,

Is it because im unpredictable/

Is it because Im in wrong side?

I always wish to know the truth within maself…

Sometimes I do wonder weather this ppl really cant know wat I mean or they purposely doin it.. :))..but long as I know wat I meant its enough for me to justify that m in fuckin rite position..


Oni GOD CAN JUDGE ME…. :p…. so its better dun give damn on wat others think bout us and our opinion..

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Dilemma’s between Mum & Wife..

Attention to all the married nuts whom ever goin thru this kinda dilemma’s…

I think this are the most bloody thing  this guys wanna run out of it..Yeahhh!!!…but  guys I believe its not that easy eh..hahahah!

I have seen few of ma frens have this kinda so called unwanted virus in their daily routine life..


Few ideas to play this game:

– Just say yes n true on watever fuck ur wife on her says..

– do say yes again/true for watever your mum says..hahahhaha..

– Be neutral and if can runaway from direct conflict if you smell the fire between ur wife n mum starts to burn…

– whisper your wife that your mum is old so dont argue wif her..

– whisper to your mum say that ur wife is too early to understand marriege life..(student la katakan)

Well guyz,

Im not here to critic your wife neither your mum on this controversies..but you need to play smart…

Gurls out ther!!!…

I wanna say sumthing to you gals..

If can dun do or give kinda pressure to ur husband as this cud lead u might lose ur husband to Almighty or least to another chick!hahaha..Yes!! its true..

This kinda tension is unnesscary and not easy for a guy to goin thru it u knw…You gals leaving ur parents n staying with mamiyars which you always claim terrible laa, sickening la and all kinda toot la..but if same thing we put in on the shoe of ur husband..let say both of u staying at ur house and ur husband having this nuisance with ur mom! Do you think u can cope up?? I guess long time ur mom would have runaway or you give up…but its different wif your husband whereby he need to carry on his duty become nuts and autobots between you nuisance..Make life happier ever after with your husband and forget about your so called nuisance mum in law “laws”…Sorry to say this kinda harsh way but as usual…Idun give a fuck for that!

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