MH370 – Our Role

Believe all of us been put in dilemma on this tragedy happened on 8th March 2014.

Since the day we been informed globally that this flight is missing, till today we been talking about this almost all the free time we have in our daily routine.

Where things went wrong?
Who is responsible?
What is the agenda?
Was it an accident?
Was is a well planned hijack?
Or was it a perfect plan with political move?

Seriously Im not going to elaborate on all above possibility. Its already been 1 month the family members been in trauma and we dont even know what would be the faith of this passengers.
Daily we receive alot of updates and som even make fun of it which I think these people really need some medical attention.

Logically, first thing my prayers goes to the people and the family affected. Cant even imagine how could be the feelings when your love ones is of out sudden missing from this tragedy. Only GOD knows whereabouts and heart feelings of the family members and the victim.

We have heard many air crash investigation before and the black box been found. Wreckage been moved for everyones visibility and justification.

This tragedy in Malaysia, I think the only one is still in mystery.
Well, my personal view I have shared below:

Hijacked? = Then should have people asked for for ransom and claim for responsibility

Crashed in Ocean? = Then leave aside the wreckage of the plane, atleast the body should have floating on the ocean.

Apart from above realistic imagination of a normal citizen like me, what could be the next possibility is only known to the people involve in it.

As a responsible human being regardless of race and religion, we all should pray for the well being fo the family and hope this mishap should not been repeated in future for what ever reason in earth.

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Tamil Drama…Leads To Family Drama?

Those days tamil drama is not a famous entertainment and infact this will be the last choice sort by people shall no programme is entertaining.
TD (Tamil Drama) become very popular out of sudden in Malaysia due to the reason which is UNKNOWN till today.

I still remember of drama “PREMI” which tops the chart of tamil folks at home. This drama created a wave within the community in Malaysia followed by others to produce same package of dramas. There we go from “Chitti” till “Vaani Rani” today.

Anyway, from what we can see is, these dramas consist with alot of bad mouthing skills which can create a successful “family politics”
Start from throwing all kind of negative words till heart sickening scenes which can really spoil the community.

Enough on the vieiwing time on prime time (2000hrs – 2200hrs), this really creates big impact in viewers especially the young ones. “Affected” range age is mostly young kids till teenage mostly.

I dont deny the is less teenage interested on such thingy but some of them have no other choice to view this kind of programme since its family elders “favourite”.

Seriously, I have seen families have issues similar to what is shown in drama and the best part is the reaction from the dramas been perfectly implimented in their real life too.

Below is some example “course” that can be learned and impliment in real life:

1. How to create problem between Mother In Law & Daughter In Law
2. How to disrespect elders.
3. How to create conflict between husband and wife

and….the list goes on….

Infact I dont blame the producers…it’s the viewers ideology and likings to watch this dramas not thinking about their youngers will learn this negative elements successfully.

By the time Im writing this, sure some heads already will be arguing on how about other language also have element why tamil drama been pointed out. See, for all this people I just have to say one sentence:

“Why the hell you want to bother about others first when our own mother tongue dramas have so much of negative elements”???

Ironically, this thingy not going to end looking at the dramas been overflow in our channels.

Only one way to avoid this:
“NEW GENERATION@EDUCATED PARENTS out there, please stop watching these dramas and start expose our kids to more better things ahead”

” We create the scene for Positive Elements” 🙂

Transformation In My Life ?

It’s been some time I have not been keen in blog world. I have been “missing” I could say for long period. Nevertheless, it is not intentionally but my tight schedule in my career.
Yes, as per title above.. Im experiancing a changes within me which lately awaken me to experiance new feel in me.
It might be sounds funny or weird for people but this is what I felt.

Lately, I keep thinking on my direction in life, something is “pending” that I need to look into it kinda feelings always cross in my mind. Oftenly I get “washed away” from real world and living lifestyle.Something like dreaming feeling. The worse part when people talking to me, my mind will be thinkin something else. Im getting confused all the time on what I want in this very life.

Why me ? Why I have to go thru this at this time period?

Im confused. I’ve tried not to think to much about it but at times its crossing my mind more oftenly.

Basically, I’m very jovial person and love to entertain people but this become my challenges ready. In recent occasion when I attend my relation birthday function I started to dance and singing entertaining people not to forget on my CARLSBERG BEER in hand. Anyway out of sudden, I have scared feeling and felt my soul is warning me not to involve such activity!! What is this?

Above is just one of example I have given on my inner feelings.

Adding to my confusion few incidents that took place in my life give me more hints I should learn more in life than my living lifestyle.

Slowly, I sensed that there is some transformation happening within me. What shall I do?…Where this is leading to?…

Totally Im blurred. Anyway, shall its a spiritual call or something else…I bow down to Lord and praying to Him to show me the right Path..

Keen To Know The Unknown… :S

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Classic way of marriage for Sluts & Crooks!


Marriage is one of the major turning point in ones life. No matter who is the choice to settle down for the rest of the life but that particular person will be the person we expect the best in earth.
We Indian are very particular in those days marriage arrangement. Parents will play the vital role in getting the best partner for the children. Well, no more headache for parents as things already changed in very fast phase with arrangement of marriage or so called find the right life partner can be assist by few famous “online brokerage”. In fact, online networking page does its roll well.. Eventhough the page been created for some good purpose,but been used for “advance stage” by some “oppurtunity seekers” Im happy to name it few here and rename it for better understanding:

Facebook becomes (Fuck A Chick Entry Book ) (Fuck A Crook Entry Book)
Friendster becomes Disaster
Tagged becomes Hanged

Aiyoo… Aiyoo…Aiyoo…

In today’s world moving in fast phase,traditional way of our elder find bride/bridegroom by seeking astrologers,temple priest, friends and relations is slowly shading away.Those yesteryears brokers currently out of job due to the impact.
So, let talk about how current marriages shapes up. Well, as everyone aware, nowdays marriage genuineness becomes highly questionable. Im not going to condemn of anyone’s marriage but the way things turns up nowdays is quiet worrying and curiosity is at high stake.
Guys, a well known fact is these days adults are much “contaminated” while they are in high schools or the worst can say while at varsities. Majority those who been graduated will agree with this sentence. Even though not 100% of them “contaminated”, but the figure is keep increasing. The transformation will just take place accordingly without any stoppage time period.

Leave a side all the those marriage that taken place with proper arrangements or happens genuine love story behind it. Anyhow,lets see how the marriage of sluts & crooks is been “engineered” up.

Guys called “Crook” cronology:

He will be entering varsity with the face of “booke” ( sort of nerd kinda face or innocent).. Then goes the session of introduction and end up in one of the campus.After some period of so called introduction weeks, this guy will start to mingle with “contaminated” seniors and start to step in clubbing lifestyle or so called night life. Well, when we say clubbing what else interesting if not chick and alcohols. So, consider heaven for those came from not a happening states, our macha will roll on with getting some different types of tobaccos and some even end up try drugs.
In fact, for varsity gradings, after 3 to 4 years instinct our so called students can be categorized as “pro” for night lifestyle.
You know what, once successfully end up in good career, then he will prey for good gurls in the town. After some preying months or years, some how 1 innocent gurl will sangkut with him and end up living for the rest of life. He is consider already tasted many pussies but want a virgin now. Could you guys think the impact the so called innocent gurl committed?

Gurls called “Slut” cronology:

Same introduction of guys in varsity and will go thru with all the above mentioned session. Once been hooked up with some “experiance senior” this gurl will start up with applying weird make up we called it, then goes on with clubbing habits and alcohols as well..and not to forget will start to mingle with “hungry boys” which been introduced to them by those “qualified slut” friends around. What else balance?…after clubbing + alcohol+smoking = SEX will be the ultimate experience for them.The biggest advantage for women’s is, they can ” transform” them self from “wild hen” become “home chick”.
These activity will move on for the period of solid 3 years and above till they graduated. After that as usual, the parents will find a “victim” I called it; for her or she’ll make sure any nerd will fall for her. The worst part, the moment this ex-slut fall for him and accept his love,its the best ever moments in his life.”Paala kainga thosai sutte pinbe evare ready avare”
(after the slut been fucked few times, this guy will start prepare himself as the next person OFFICIALLY).

Dear all, see this is the current marriage life of those innocent being end up? Yaare senja pavam ethu? (Who responsible for this sin happens to innocent humans?) All we can hope is, the innocent partner shouldn’t get to know all this after their marriage as this will really spoil the entire life and days they need to live together with this “cannibals”.

Eventually, all this cant be controlled especially if its so called love marriage. In between, for any arrange marriage means, its quite possible as they will do some research around the area to know hows the person character and lifestyle.More over the unacceptable things is, they will even have some criteria to those want to become their life partner just because they are varsity graduates. “Peh pundenggala! theru nai mari suthi te unake nalla ponne mapillai kekutha?” ( You crook and sluts!! after you fuck around with just like street dogs now want a innocent bride or bridegroom is it??)

Ironically, the best among the best is, after marriage or after being tied up with someone, here goes the happy life of Sluts and Crooks…by portraying married to relationship with…at F.A.C.E.BOOK profile.. :p …

…and for all successfully married Crooks & Sluts, somehow your turn to be cheated is coming soon..!

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DEATH!!!… & How I look at it…

DEATH – Sort of FEAR that comes to everyone mind when we hear someone passed away suddenly. Why this FEAR is within us?
Guys…think carefully…people always used to say Birth & Death is something very normal and can’t avoid..Yesss…I also know la mike its very common and unavoidable situation..BUTTTTTT..

The question is why the fear is there out of sudden even though it’s not YOU THE ONE DIED or going to die at that moment?…Relax dude 😛

I believe its our inner feeling toward how we would go thru all this right and why this always happens at the moment you least expecting this? Well…this was in my mind until to certain extends and now, let me pen down and share with you…

In today’s world, this is what being tried to preach to us by many…teachers or religion gurujis – do not fear of death as we be being destined when is our D – Day comes..Bla blah bla….
Guys actually don’t get too serious about this matter. Death is something for SURE gonna welcome us one find day..

We while living in this world, we just need to carry on our life to the extend we want; or better if I say we can. In fact if you are pursuing something that very very valuable and its priceless and out of sudden you unable to do anything;You know what situation I mean right? I mean you ALREADY DIE LA AT THAT TIME 🙂
Your dream burn laa…thats it! So why we all so serious about what’s next coming up in life and rushing to achieve something super fast and end up blow up own self???

It’s not mean that you don’t dare dream to achieve what you want..BLUNTLY I don’t urge that, but its the way we lead life sometimes..Even myself sometimes want to do certain things very aggresively..for example driving at high-speed to reach my work place..Never realize that if at all I met in fatal accident then what’s the point all about I speed up?? Just to book my place in graveyard is it? OF COURSE BIG NO MACHI..Namake ellam patta than teriyunuma? Patta engga namake teriya pothe…anga than sangu uuthitanneggele..(Once we met in mishap only we need to realise is it? It’s already too late right at the very moment?)

In fact to be more precise about it,people always get into trouble by getting this thoughts to their mind. They want to overcome everyone and be the best, but what lies behind this thought?? A jealousy might arise, an evil thought to bring down those better than you, and so we can list it out more and more negative thoughts..

Can you see the difference and the ironic matter that we need to realise?

Further to add on is about those are very fond of sentimental reason when talk about DEATH..Yes Im fucking sure about it..Now, it can be anyone from this point of time, you might felt that you can’t live without loved ones or very hard to live without them, please cut the crap and ready to accept the unexpected. Be defined, cool and happy carrying on your life peacefully and cheerfully. YOU CANT AVOID IT..

Guys, to communication with GOD or in your prayers session nevertheless any religion, dont alway pray and put petition to GOD to keep that person happy, to give this person happiness,or all must fine and healthy..bla blah…

Let me ask you something, are you going to get return confirmation from GOD or any acceptance letter from heaven on your wish /prayers ??
Listen carefully..Im not teasing or make fun of any religion or prayers here..When we talk about PRAYERS..ITS ABOUT TRUST,FAITH,LOVE!.. Apart from all this, its YOUR HOPE and YOUR WISH will be granted by the Almighty right ? 🙂
So..ironically no matter how we wish and pray… you can’t stop DEATH and BIRTH folks..

Well if you ask me Ill say you should utter this sayings apart from anything else in your daily day life…..

(Oh GOD!!Give me the strength to accept and face any difficulties comes in my daily life)

Again, lets give more space to any of you guys felt or imagine how is your D-Day will be? Some even go further to the extend on plan their death and wish how should their death to take place…
Hahahahahaha…Enna maire pece machi..Saveee nichayam…athulaa choosing veraayaa?? (Your death is confirmed, but still you want to choose the way you want is it?)

The worst is peoples quote that we used to hear “if you do bad you’ll go hell ok and if you do good you’ll go heaven ok”
Hahahahahahaha! again I have to give you a big fuck again…Wei even YOU ARE NOT SURE whether your ticket has been booked in HEAVEN or HELL and nobody knows..BUT IM PRETTY SURE YOU WILL BE DEFINITELY GOING TO GRAVEYARDS LA DUDES… :)) Apprum yenna maireke intha peci ellam???…( so for what fuck la this kinda statements been used??)

The moral is you do GOOD…then you expect the GOOD thing for you..and its vice versa la..

Arguably yes, it’s really damn hard and heart shattering moments whenever you hear DEATH,especially when involved the loved ones; but I kneel down and beg you PLEASE do bring this saddened situation to your heart and mind in controllable way that you know the best and try to overcome the sad,scared,puzzled feelings with more positive way and not screwing yourself to book early bird of your own DEATH!

By the way…” Oh GOD, why you create such thing as DEATH ? Hmmm…I wish to be Immortal or to the extend of remain as baby forever.. 😛

When they say Boss Always Right??…Ill say Definitely Not Always!

This topic comes to my mind today when I had meal with my friends.
Guys… I have notice that most of the superior so called bosses agree with this line ” Customer always Right” or “Boss is always Right”…and….. Can anyone introduce me which moron come up with this phrase???

Haisss….what to say more about this…Today my friend share his experience the confrontation with his boss. The issue was something related to operational matter on haulage. You know guys my friend already plan to move on from this company and just waiting for right timeframe. Well, now its not the problem why he end up arguing, its about his boss so called kottai (balls) pride already and he dont want to give in. As you guys know, I myself as a blogger dont give a damn on about what write on my blog and so be my friends as all of us have AK-47 trigger in the mouth you see.. 😛
Alrite let me share what happens next. His boss, trying to put the blame on him and its all about his idiotic move on the subject he argued.
I dont know how to describe his frustration but I can tell you this.. If give me a chance to hurt his physical, first thing Ill do is cut his balls and throw to stray dogs or just give a good kick on it..Got it?

Below goes the exact conversation with him:

Boss: Sugen (not real name), could you check on this haulier why they turn up late to warehouse yesterday?
Sugen: Oh, this case I already email to you this morning, in fact I did sms to you yesterday night itself on real time.
Boss, I didnt received laa…!
Sugen: How I know you didnt receive the msg?
Boss: Ok ok…let me check..

After 15minutes…

Boss: Yahhh..I got your message, I think ah your phone got problem laa..I received late you know..
Sugen: Yes uh…then I think the phone got problem like you.. (saying this line while smiling..poking by joking)
Boss: Well, I think its time to change your phone laa Sugen.. (can smile sumore saying this..PUNDE MAVENEY..)

Could you guys see the ego and stupid stand up????

What the hell la wei…You already know you are wrong then what is fucking difficult to accept your fault..this is not first time he behaving like this but have done to many staff..Seiye Seiye….yennikavethu unnai yevenavethu suthe adika poran…appo teritum da unake.. ( do sumore la fine day someone gonna fuck your ass..then you will know the pain..)

“Good managerial skills is about how to manage not only the people..but his own capability without over doing it..”..
and they say “The most difficult thing to manage in this world is people management”

I do agree you need to be firm when comes to manage your staff but not to extend of make yourself classic moron la…
Your staff must respect you…not scared or look you elaborate in my terms..” Ampat puluthi mari nadenthekathey..” (dont behave like big headed person)

Dei Sugen Macha: …”Evanuku people management um terileh…Avan mandayea manage pannavum terileh..”(He dont know how to manage people and even unable to manage is “head”!!!??!)

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Fickle minded MLM disorder patients = “Make Life Miserable” for friends!

Fickle mind is something related to people whom unable to stand with firm decision. Yes…I have come across many people and this is not something to say as character issue but it becomes kinda disorder for certain people..
There are many with this mentality…Ok ok!…its your own bloody problem right…Yes I do aware about it…
Anyway this will become nuisance when you start to convince people to follow the same…
The issue Im gonna focus is the people who venture in MLM business of their choice screwing own friends time and energy…

Guys..its not wrong you venture in MLM business..and even it will turn up a successful life journey shall you put heart and soul in it.. Hard working and thick skin needed to be on of the successful people in this industry.

All is fine…now the issue is why you assholes always want to pull in your friends whom already become your supporter and get fucked up in your previous MLM experience. You never realise right you bring them in the business and force to attend so called meetings in various places and end up they need to either sell the product or get in new members..Some MLM even worst, they will charge you high membership fee and the best part is you will be fucking energetic when you attend the meeting for the first time. You will be exposed to so called successful people with multiple motivational speech, driving big cars with photographs in their bulletins, as this is one of the strategy to win or attract people to fuck around in this group…and ready to fuck public mindset out there who is leading a nice peace full life with handsome income; just nice for their saving and lead daily life.

Basic way to pull in people in MLM:
– call friends and say ” Cha naa ore puthu biz plan vecehreke da..correct ta follow pannum, 6 masathele valve maridum daa!!”
(bro, I have new biz plan to share, if we really follow then within 6 months out life will be changed!!)

– call friend and say ” dai intha varum sani kalamai free ya da?? namba meet pannevum..mukiamana matter eruke daa..”
(bro this week you free ah? got something important to disccus about”)

– call friend and say ” Naa unn kitta ore biz patti pesenum far intha biz le than la naa kaase paaka mudiyuthu..Nee try pannea..unakum teriyum..serious sa di..” (
(I have venture in biz and this biz really can see money ady..try and see”)

When your good friend calling and say something like this, we will cancel all important appointments just to listen to our so called friend who needs us…Anyway when you meet up on the day and your friend start to fuck by his mouth, then you know he is asking you to sell something by convincing you the product is fucking good in the world or call in other friends of yours to join in the group!!
The feel is really fucked up at that point of time ( you know what I mean if you been a victim before)..

Guys…come on!! friends are someone very helpful,reliable at any point of time and in any situation. This is called true friends.. Anyway I can bet you that many of this people screwed their good friendship just by bringing them to this kinda things. Again, it is worst when they keep changing the business type even though its same fucking MLM.
Yenda intha maire polape?? “Nenngalum olunga seiya matingga…kutali kitti te vanthu avanayum pesiyea adipinnge..”
(You guys wont do it properly and you will kill you friend by keep talking about this again and again)..

See..I NEVER SAY MLM IS WRONG!! If you are really ready for the challenge THEN STICK TO THE BUSINESS TILL YOU SUCCESS.. DONT BRING IN YOUR FRIENDS FIRST AND CONVINCE THEM THAT THEY CAN BECOME MILLIONAIRE WITHIN SHORT TERM PERIOD AND YOU FUCK OFF WITHIN 2 MONTHS!!.. Our people already so greedy in their daily life..and when someone come forward and say you are the next moron millionaire in next 6 months; thats it! Every luxury things start circulate in their mind and they get ready to find another innocent friend in their list…

In between all this there are many syndicates now to earn money fast..This is even worst!! totally illegal and you might end up in jail if things really become out of hand.
It just crossed in my mind now..Even at this point of time Im writing…pretty sure out there someone eagerly would be busy fucking another friends ass about this MLM and convince him to fuck another victim soonest…

Eager to become successful person in life is not wrong, but do it in proper way. Stay on in the business (of course legal one). Build your confidence first before try to do build for others.

Guys and gurls out there.. do not get cheated with this kinda nuisance I called and get more info before sign up for any MLM… DONT LET OTHERS DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO IN LIFE..YOU DECIDE!

and for the MLM fickle minded morons..I have only one phrase for you if you approach me ” Dont expect me to fuck spider!!!

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